Café Futa

Erotic contemporary fantasy fiction, trans

A global pandemic has broken out, one unlike anything before it. The Sex Virus (SV) is causing real-time mutations in people all over the world that change their bodies in sexual ways, sometimes to the extreme.

One common strain of this new virus is the futanari variant.


Lassiva runs a coffee shop on the edge of downtown. Unfortunately, it’s seen better days and business has been slowing. She has no idea how to compete with the big-name chains and turn things around. She’s worried about her ability to keep staff on, and if the shop must soon close.

She’s falling for a great guy who’s been coming to her shop and asking her out for months but she hasn’t had the courage to say yes to him while her business is struggling so badly and she feels like a failure.

When Lassiva catches the futanari variant of SV, she’s shocked at the way her body changes, giving her a physical attribute that she, as a female, never thought she’d experience. While she retains her voluptuous female form, she now also has a penis—and it’s growing.

And the changes in her don’t stop there. Her lust swiftly goes out of control, the sexually transmitted virus infecting her staff as well, including the only male. Ryo, Marina, and Angel all begin to mutate differently, for the futanari strain doesn’t always evolve bodies in the same way.

While undergoing profound changes in their new futanari bodies, and dealing with raging sexual desire, Lassiva and her staff must adapt to this new way of life while finding a way to keep the café open, a journey filled with a lot of lust and a little love.

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