Tina Bell isn’t my real name. It was inspired by a certain, famous fairy who hangs out with Peter Pan. 

Sadly, I can’t use my real name because I’m a teacher, and some very loud, very ignorant, very hostile people seem to have a problem with teachers writing erotic stories, as if adults who think about sex can’t also be around children. 🙄 

Dear uptight folk, where do you think children come from? Parents are perfectly capable of raising children while also being sexual beings. Just look at how many of you have multiple children! Gee, how’d that happen? Think there was some spanking, hair pulling and naughty stuff going on at some point?

If parents can have two sides to them, then it’s perfectly ok for teachers to have an adult side and a child-rearing side too. Teachers deserve the opportunity to be as well-rounded and free as any other adult and they are as capable of taking on different roles in different situations as anyone. 

Unfortunately, until employers come out with official policies protecting teachers (and others) from small-minded discrimination, as long as too many of us give in to the loudest and stupidist voices among us, a pseudonym it’ll have to be.