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Dark Bargains

erotic, dark romance, fae (fairy)

​The fae are known to make bargains with mortals, bestowing magic, for a price. Hana enlists the help of a handsome and mysterious fae to help her advance at work and capture the heart and soul of the man of her dreams. The price: lewd sexual acts in exchange for her wishes. But as plans go awry, the cost of her wishes goes up. And the fae may not be the pure-hearted benefactor she takes him for. 

Café Futa

erotic, contemporary, fantasy, trans, romantic

When the sex virus pandemic hits, people all over the world are transormed into hyper-sexual beings, often with bodily mutations. Lassiva and her staff fight to keep her struggling coffee shop afloat while the virus turns them into futanari. A café filled with a lot of lust and a little love.

Monster Girl Hunter

​erotic, isekai fantasy

Jae is sent to a new world to follow his passion for monster girls by tracking them down and studying them as a Monster Zoologist.

Pixa, a cosplayer Jae has a crush on is unwillingly sent to this fantasy realm alongside of him. To her shock, she’s turned into his omni-shifter partner. Whenever Jae meets a monster girl and has sex with her, Pixa gains the ability to transform into the same kind of creature, sometimes with hilarious results.

Dumped into the jungle, far from civilization, the two try to survive the dangers of this new world while levelling up. Will their adventure lead them to become friends, or even fall in love?

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