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The sky turned a deep shade of pink and red in the west as the sun sank down below the horizon. A mating pair of starlings darted by overhead, seeking the shelter of their home together. The temperature dropped as night pressed on, but growing coolness did little to sooth his aching muscles. It had been a long, hard week, his work an unforgiving hardship. A tight, freshly sewn red cut gleamed through a tear in the fabric of his jacket’s right shoulder, an accident and a painful one. He trudged through the relatively quiet streets, along cobblestone paths up the hill, every footstep making his weary body beg for peace.

At last his home appeared before him in the gloom, a cheerful flame dancing at the door’s lantern, and warm inviting firelight coming through the windows from inside. Even at this distance he could see his beautiful wife busy at the table, placing dinner at the ready. He smiled, knowing she had probably been watching for his return from the hilltop behind the house, and when he finally had, running all the way home so that she could surprise him. His heart picked up a few beats, his feet quickening as he neared his target. He hardly noticed as his tiredness melted away at the sight and thought of her. The pain in his shoulder vanished from his mind, his only concern being the arms of his wife.

He threw open the door and burst into the house. His lovely bride looked up sharply from the dining table, a smile lighting her face. They rushed towards each other and his strong arms surrounded her, hugging her soft form to his chest. For a moment neither spoke, so happy they were to be reunited, though they’d only been separated since this very morning.

“I missed you.” he told her gruffly, his joy fogging his voice.

“I missed you too.” she replied, beaming her smile up at him.

He bent his neck and kissed her firmly, feeling her plush lips cushion his own.

When the kiss ended, she looked up into her husband’s face. Though fatigue had momentarily been washed away by his return, she could still see lines of pain and weariness etched into his face. She knew full well what he would be feeling now, and her lover’s eyes had noticed the wound on his shoulder the instant they embraced, though she did not comment, knowing it would only embarrass him. She took a step back, holding his hands in her own.

“Dinner can wait.” she decided firmly, looking directly into his eyes. “I think there’s something you need first.”

She didn’t answer his questioning look, simply pulled him away from the door to the couch in the living room. Pushing him into the comfortable seat, she was pleased to see his face relax a tiny bit. It was a start, but she would do more. She stepped between his legs and, leaning close, gave her husband a long, slow kiss, following it with another, then another.

It took him a few moments to realize that her hands were fumbling at his waist. Before he could protest, she had his pants unbuckled. When he opened his mouth she put her finger to it.

“Shhh. Close your eyes.”


“Close them.” she insisted in a voice forbidding argument.

He knew what she was about, preparing to pleasure him, to soothe away his troubles after an entire week’s absence, despite the hours of labour waiting on the kitchen table, despite her own needs at being left alone for so long. She was putting him first, and his heart went out to her.

She removed her husband’s clothes, first his shirt and jacket, then his pants, leaving him naked before her. Kneeling before him, she ran her hands up his thighs, then took his cock tenderly in her fingers. Gently, she massaged it, hearing his sigh above her. Despite the fatigue, his cock stiffened very rapidly, and soon stood at rapt attention in her tender grasp.

With his eyes closed, his senses focused completely on what his wife was doing to him, her hands stroking him softly, first the shaft, then the balls. It felt so warm and good, so relaxing. Yet after a few minutes the relaxation had rejuvenated him so much that her touch began to feel much more erotic than simply soothing. That’s when he felt her lips surround the head.

He gasped, thrusting involuntarily, and she obliged by sliding her tongue down his cock as he penetrated her mouth. She continued to lick and stroke him, swallowing his cock, causing amazing sensations that both delighted him and made him even more turned on. Her’s was a talent and a will like no other, her love for him and her actions displayed in the way she brought him to the edge and back over and over again. She teased him mercilessly, until time had no meaning, there as only her mouth and her hands, they were his world.

She knew she was building the pressure within him, that every time she brought him to the brink it drove him wild, and when she finally let him release, it would shatter him.

His head rolled, his eyes squeezed shut. The sensations in his cock were without parallel.

She felt him rise again, and this time didn’t hold back, working him harder and faster.

The orgasm was mind-blowing, and he grunted loudly, “Oh, honey!”

She felt a rush as he flooded her mouth, his passion, his pain, his life pouring down her throat. She swallowed it all, tenderly milking every last drop, consuming all the stress that plagued him, knowing how sensitive he was, extending his pleasure until it was nearly unbearable. When at last she removed her lips, licking them once, he fell back, the tension that had gripped his body seconds before, was released completely. She felt a swell of pride as she saw her husband lie there, the lines on his face gone, his body peaceful.

He reached down blindly and grasped his wife’s arm, pulling her up onto the couch next to him. Putting his arm around her he held her close and she sank contentedly onto his chest, listening to his heart beat rapidly, his breathing regain control, loving how she was so able to heal him, to rid him of pain and give him life once more. With a smile her hand traveled down and softly stroked her husband. He felt her and through the haze of pleasure still in his mind, he too smiled, loving her deeply.

* * *

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