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He sat on the edge of the bed watching her on the screen of his computer. White silk sheets seemed to shimmer around her like an angel on a cloud. Her body was in its purest form, not a stitch of clothing to be seen, writhing artfully before his very eyes. He watched as she ran her hands over her body, letting her fingers caress every sinful curve, slide smoothly over herself – teasing him wantonly.

Her full breasts stood out proudly, nipples hard and ripe and his mouth watered at the thought of them, the taste, the feel of them between his lips. Her fingers tugged gently and her succulent lips parted briefly, letting escape a delicate breath. They squeezed again and this time she moaned. He shivered with desire.

Her legs squirmed, liquid heat building up between her thighs, and one hand slipped down to sooth her aching pussy, but the more she massaged, the hotter the feelings got. He watched her as she did so, his breathing now coming short and fast. Her fingers sped up and her head fell back into the pillow, eyes closed tightly, and she groaned from deep within.

This was too much for him; the sight and sound of her was driving him mad with desire. His hand grasped his own cock, and he fought vainly to prevent the throbbing needs of his male member from overcoming him. Forbidden to exact his passion upon her directly, he could not control his need for her when she turned him on like this. When next she moaned, breathing deep, he too followed suit, squeezing his cock tightly and yearning desperately to be inside her, to feel her dripping wet pussy envelope him, to feel himself sliding back and forth within her, harder, faster, seeming to fill her more with each thrust, shots of pleasure coursing through him as fucked.

His eyes locked onto her, his mind blank, only able to take in the pure sexy delight of the woman in front of him, her hand now working her pussy furiously, his ears filled with the sounds of her passion, her body twisting and turning under her own ministrations. Then she began to speak.

Whispered words. Quick sentences slipped between quick intakes of breath and guttural exhalations. “Fuck me. Oh God I want you inside me. Right now. I want you to fuck me. I am so wet right now. I need your cock.” He became uncontrollable, she was more than he could bear. She was the utter personification of sexy. Then she came. Her face contorted in rapture, becoming utterly erotic.

His mind exploded as his orgasm burst from within. It seemed to carry on forever, his eyes unfocused, yet seeing her clearly, her image burned into his brain.

For a moment he closed his eyes, recovering, and when he opened them again, there she lay, looking up at him, mischievous knowing smile on her face, eyes sparkling. By goodness, she was beautiful.

* * *

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