Warm Me Up

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Summer crawled into bed and buried herself in the sheets. The high-thread cotton felt cool on her skin and she shivered. She turned to her husband, already in bed next to her. “Tim, honey, I’m cold.” She curled up into a tight little ball and hugged herself for warmth.

Her husband, who knew her better than anyone else in the whole world, sounded amused. “Summer, you’re always cold.”

Summer slid closer to him and pressed her breasts into his broad back. Her arm wrapped around his muscled chest. “Oh yeah? So warm me up then.”

His head turned up towards her and gave her a wry smile. “You mean you want to share body heat? Or do you mean something else?”

“Hmmm.” She nibbled at his earlobe and whispered, “What’s something else?”

He rolled over in her arms until they were face to face. He had the most beautiful blue-green eyes and long lashes. She could sense his soul in those sparkling orbs, one moment filled with playful mischief, the next with wild passion, and always they remained confident and sure. Always they overflowed with tender love for her. She could look into his eyes forever.

“Well, maybe I could try this…” he suggested in a low voice. He slid his strong hands onto her hips and slowly pulled her closer. The hands moved up to her narrow waist and their faces drew closer.

Summer watched his lips as she was drawn forward. A flutter of excitement flitted about her belly as she anticipated the kiss. And then his lips pressed hers and they kissed. He was soft, yet firm and she felt herself melting against him, opening herself up to his attention, wanting him.

His seductive fingers suddenly hardened and ferociously tickled her sides.

Summer burst out laughing and sputtering, breaking the kiss. “Ah! No! That’s not what I meant!”

“What’s wrong?” he asked with mock innocence. “Isn’t this warming you up?”

“Hahanoooohahaha!” she howled uncontrollably. “Stooop!”

“Summer, honey, what’s wrong? I can’t understand you. Use your words.”

But words were beyond her. He knew her body intimately, every little crevice and sensitive spot which brought out the giggles in torrents. She lashed out ineffectually with her small fists and growled at him through a big smile.

Then as suddenly as he had begun, he was on top of her and his mouth pressed into her grin. His hands ceased tickling and started caressing.

Her body, made ultra sensitive from the tickling, reacted instantly. As his hands slipped up under her soft old t-shirt and squeezed her full breasts, her giggles turned to moans. Her panting changed timbre as his hands roamed eagerly over her body, pressing deep into her flesh, squeezing her round buttocks hard with one hand, the other sinking deep into her breast. She squirmed under her husband’s ardent attention and mewled like a kitten.

Tim’s own excitement rose in tandem with hers and he groped her body with increasingly passion. He growled as her nails dug into his bare back and bit her lower lip. Then they were tearing at each other’s bodies, rolling wildly around in the bed, desperate to feel every inch of each other.

As always, so that he’d always have instant access to her, Summer wore no underwear under the pink t-shirt. She felt the cleft between her legs heating up and moistening. She ached to be touched down there, but he busied himself elsewhere instead. She felt his hard rod press into her as they moved together. She broke the kiss, gasping for breath, and tore at his boxers with her hands. “Off. Off! I want it!” she panted.

The boxers made it only halfway down his big, muscular ass before she had his member in her hands. She moaned. It was rock hard. And so hot it almost burned her skin. She loved his cock like no other she’d ever experienced, her favourite toy, the essence of manhood.

Tim rolled onto his back and pulled her up onto himself. His hands tore at her t-shirt, ripping it off her body. Then his hands mauled her breasts and his mouth devoured her nipples.

Summer cried out, unbalanced as he pulled her down to him. Her hands were forced to let go of his cock as she reached out to catch herself. But the cock continued to press into her lower belly. She wanted it. So badly. Almost of its own desire, her pussy reached for it as she tilted her hips, desperate to press herself to him.

Her lower lips parted as her pussy touched the side of his shaft and slid wetly up and down the outside of the member. She was torn between rubbing her needy clit along his length and being penetrated by him. She reached down under her body and grasped his shaft, pressing it against her pussy as she humped him, eyes half closed and moaning. He was so hard and throbbed wildly as she moved.

Summer’s mouth felt empty. Her pussy momentarily soothed, she needed to feel him between her lips and on her tongue. She needed to taste him. She pushed herself backwards, down his body, ignoring is aching groans as she pulled her hard nipples from his lips.

Dazed with lust, she planted swift kisses along his sexy abs, growling and biting him once on the way down. Then the swollen purple head came into view. Her hand wormed up and down the cock’s considerable length and she took a moment to savour the thickness of it. The sight of it so turned her on that she slid her other hand down between her legs and fingered her clit. His cock throbbed and pulsed in her hand and she squeezed it; he was a solid as steel.

“Oh, fuck, Summer.” he groaned from above as his hips rolled and thrust, betraying his need. “Don’t tease. Give me your mouth. Please!” A fat drop of clear pre-cum oozed out.

Summer pulled the cock towards her and sank her head down. The head pushed past her lips and she pressed her tongue flat against the shaft and hummed as it touched the roof of her mouth. She tasted the pre-cum on her tongue and moved her head quickly up and down, milking him with a twist and stroke of her wrist, getting more and more of his juices. They coated her tongue and she enjoyed the taste of him before swallowing and then sinking him deep into her throat.

He groaned loudly. “Oh, Summer!” His fingers tangled tightly in her long hair, his arm rigid as his body bucked with pleasure.

Summer hummed and moaned around the beautiful cock in her mouth, relishing her husband’s passion as she unmanned him with her oral skills. With loving enthusiasm, she worked his cock with her mouth and hand as well as any porn star, giving him as much intense pleasure as she could. Normally she would take it slower, draw the pleasure out, lick his balls and grope his ass. But right now she was fired up and wanted nothing more than to make him cum as quickly as possible. She wanted his orgasm – now.

“Su-Summer…fuck…I’m gonna…” Tim thrashed around in the bed and thrust his cock repeatedly into her mouth. His fist held her hair tight and he fucked her mouth.

She knew he was going to cum any moment. Her pussy clenched around her fingers in sympathy. She pressed her tongue hard to the underside of his cock and took him as deep as she could, letting him fuck her throat. It was so fucking hot and she felt her own orgasm approaching fast. Her fingers were drenched with her own juices and slick about her clit.

“Fuckfuckfuck!” he released her hair and his fingers curled hard into the bedsheets. His entire body went so rigid that every muscle stood out in vivid relief. “I’m cumming!”

Summer took control once again and jacked the shaft quickly as she worked the head of the cock with her mouth. The first spurt hit the roof of her mouth. The second landed on her tongue. Then her own orgasm crashed through her body. She lost control of herself as she rocked and accidentally pulled off his cock. She barely had enough presence of mind to keep pumping his cock with her hand.

Load after load continued to shoot forth, some landing in her open mouth, some covering her lips and chin. Summer sank lower and got the head of her husband’s cock between her cum-coated lips again and milked every last drop out of him as her own orgasm slowed.

Finally, when no more of Tim’s cum would appear, Summer sat up. She looked at him as he lifted his head, looking stunned.

“Holy fuck.” he gasped. “That was so intense. My whole body is vibrating!”

“Mmmm.” was all she could manage in her current state. She looked into his lovely eyes, capturing them with her own. She swirled his semen around in her open mouth, savouring the feel and taste of him, feeling like she’d taken a piece of his life force, his soul within her. Then she very obviously swallowed all of it. She smiled as he groaned at the sight. “Yummy.” she said.

“You look so fucking hot right now. My sex goddess.”

She grinned playfully. “Oops, I think I missed some.” Then she deliberately and artfully scooped the cum off her chin with a finger and sensuously licked it up, swallowing it all. Her tongue snaked out and licked her lips clean of the precious fluid.

“Fuck me, baby! You are so sexy!” he growled, riveted by the sight of her naughty actions.

“Mmm. I love how you taste, Tim. I’m want more.” She looked down as if just noticing for the first time that a few drops had fallen from her chin onto her tits. Staring directly into his eyes, she rubbed it into her skin, tongue licking her teeth.

“And I want you.” He sat up, grabbed her and threw her bodily to the bed, causing her to give a little scream. He buried his face in her pussy.

Summer gasped as she felt her wet lips pressed by his face and tongue. His hands scooped under her buttocks and lifted her hips high off the bed as he ate her. She was helpless to resist, (not that she wanted to) as his tongue delved into her pussy and drank her love juices. One of his thumbs briefly slid inside, getting well lubricated, before pulling out. She knew what was coming and trembled in anticipation. The digit pressed into her anus and she made no resistance. Instead, she cried out as the penetration intensified the energy in her clit as he sucked in the little nub.

“Honey -stop – it’s too much!” she begged him, ineffectually reaching out for him. But he wouldn’t stop and the waves of pleasure rose and rose, picking up speed, twisting tighter and tighter within her until the orgasm ripped apart and crashed over her entire body.

She heaved and rocked, out of her own control, but he held her tight in his strong arms, not letting up. “Tim! No! Stop!” she cried repeatedly, but he silently refused, continuing to flick his tongue over her ultra sensitive clit. Then he dropped her to the bed again, slid two fingers into her pussy and fucked her hard, rubbing her g-spot with each pass. The fingers, the thumb in her ass, the tongue on her clit was too much. She felt a powerful new force building up even during the throes of her orgasm.

The first orgasm wasn’t even half gone before the next slammed into her. Summer convulsed, eyes rolling back in their sockets. A dam broke inside her and she felt wetness gush out of her. Shocked, eyes wild with sex, she looked up and saw her husband’s face grinning back at her, drenched. “Oh!” she squeaked.

“You’re yummy too.” he said, crawling up her body.

Summer shook and muscles clenched as the orgasm took a long time to work its way through her body. She felt his kisses, wet with her cum, all over her breasts and stomach. The palm of his hand gently pressed into her mound and soothed her.

He smiled up at her. “See? Aren’t you glad you married me instead of someone else?”

“Mm-hmm.” she agreed wholeheartedly. “You’re the best.”

Her entire body felt spent and weak and she drifted pleasantly under his loving touch. The last thing she knew was his body sliding up behind hers as he rolled her onto her side and they spooned, their bodies fitting perfectly into one another as if made for each other. Then sleep claimed her and she sank into happy dreams, a little smile on her peaceful face.

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