Tropical Swingers


Crisp white sheets flutter softly in the shadowed room. Twilight creeps through the bamboo curtains, rippling in dazzling patterns over the ceiling as it reflects off the tropical waters beyond windows. The perfume of summer jasmine caresses the breeze.

Lying naked amidst the white folds of cotton are a tangle of limbs, torsos, breasts and hands. They writhe slowly, skin on bare skin, tongues dancing, flesh hardening. Wind chimes tinkle and far away drums sound distantly, their primal sounds mirroring the primal acts in this solitary room.

If one stares long enough at the heated mass of bodies, it becomes clear that there is not one man pleasuring a woman, but two. Her eyes cast back in her head as one man’s lips envelope a darkly engorged nipple, and the other man’s tongue dances wildly in the tender flesh between her legs. Her hands snake out and pull the younger man tighter to her breast and her back arches sharply as pleasure courses through her. For a moment she bucks uncontrollably but the older man refuses to relinquish his hold and a throaty moan escapes her lips.

The young man, a virtual stranger to this married couple before this night, slides out from under the woman’s hands as her body relaxes at last. He rises, slides a leg over her chest and, straddling her, offers his cock for her mouth. Her eyes blink open, take a moment to focus, then lock onto the offering. Her hands reach up to grab his buttocks and pull him forward as her mouth opens and admits the hard shaft. The young man feels a surge of pleasure as her tongue slides down the length of his cock, and leans on the wall for support, lest the pleasure cause him to fall.

The other man, the lady’s husband, sits back, and wipes his wife’s juices from his mouth. He then slides forward, taking  a leg in each hand as he slides between them and enters her hot pussy. A muffled moan resonates through the room, devolving into a low continuous growl. She finds it hard to concentrate on what’s in her mouth with the sensations down below making her whole body thrum. As her husband develops a rhythm however, she forces herself to dedicate her lips to the younger man’s cock.

The young man can’t hold himself there for long, the humming deep in her throat is making his balls boil. He slips out just moments before being forced to release himself into her mouth. She sighs with satisfaction, eyes locked to his, reveling in the pleasure she has brought.

A faint sheen of sweat now coats the three lovers and the temperature in the room is rising despite the trickle of ocean breeze through the windows. The husband grunts and pulls out of his wife, the heady smell of sex pervades, his semen jetting out and bathing her pussy completely. Eager to have everyone satisfied at once, the woman shifts her hands to the young man’s cock, still hovering over her tits and begins to twist and play artfully until he too can control himself no longer, gushing onto her chest. The young man drops forward as he cums, his lips inches from hers, eyes locked together, though his are still unfocused.

After a few moments the two men collapse on either side of the woman while they recover. Her soothing hands fondling their softening shafts while their breathing calms. She smiles, a queen on a throne of lust. Next, she’ll have them both inside her at once. The only decision, which holes? Or fit both cocks in the same hole? But the question remains, which hole? On second thought, why choose? Why not try it all?

And in her hands, her men begin to harden once more. She brings them both to her lips.


* * *

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