The Private Club


A refreshing breeze cooled the warm air and swept Summer’s long, straight black hair into her face. She brushed it back behind her ears with one hand, the other hand busy clutching a hot coffee from the nearby Starbucks, and crossed the street back to her office tower. The tower was a shining green and glass work of art that was home to a variety of brilliant artistic and eco-friendly architecture. The building actually managed a negative carbon footprint.

She felt a moment of pride squeeze her chest as the glass doors automatically slid aside as she approached, welcoming her back into the embrace of where she now worked. This was no regular office tower. It was exclusively the property of TB Company, owner of Tim Studios, TB Ventures and Acquisitions, TB Kimchi, and many other leading brands and companies.

TB was widely regarded as the best company to work for in the world. The CEO and Founder, Tim, was idolized for his fair employment practices, work perks, extensive holiday schedule, full maternity leave, and for the many good causes supported both locally and around the world. They said the waiting list of resumes submitted for positions here was almost as tall as the tower itself.

Summer ascended one of the many elevators all the way up to the 34th floor. She cruised through the open, collaboration-friendly offices to her own space and sat down in the leather chair behind her chic glass desk with a contented sigh. She’d barely finished the first sip of her Americano when someone knocked on her door.

“Hey!” Min greeted her with a warm smile. “Ooh, coffee. That’s looks so good right now.”

“It is!” Summer moaned agreeably. She’d really needed this.

Min, one of Summer’s oldest friends, glided into the office.

Summer watched her come. Min, like Summer, was originally from Asia. Min had landed her job here at TB first, a couple of years ago. Summer suspected that she owed her own fantastic fortune in being hired here entirely thanks to Min’s recommendation, but her best friend had not yet admitted to that. Still, how else could Summer have ever managed to get noticed from amongst the infinity of resumes human resources went through every day. She smiled at Min. “What’s up?”

Min have her a smile and wink. “Just came by to remind you about the – exclusive – party tonight.”

Summer’s smile split into a grin. “Definitely. Got my other outfit in the bag. And shoes.” Summer nodded towards a bag in the corner of the office.

“Excellent.” Min headed back towards the door. “You’re in for a night you’ll never forget.” She paused at the door. “Back at seven to pick you up, ok?”

Summer nodded and watched her friend leave. Summer let herself be distracted for a minute about tonight’s mysterious party. Min had approached her at the end of last week, her first at TB, had hauled Summer into a corner of the stylish, very well-stocked break room, and had excitedly whispered into Summer’s ear. It seemed that the company had a secret, very exclusive club, member’s only, somewhere up in the top of the tower. Min had been invited, so, of course, she was bringing Summer as her plus one.

“It’s going to be amazing!” Min had excitedly gushed in the break room, trying to keep from being overheard. “I’m sure that all the top executives will be there. Maybe even our founder, TB himself. It’s going to be crazy!”

The phone rang, bringing Summer back to the present and banishing all thoughts of the party. She had work to do. Work she was very good at. She threw herself into it and the hours passed in a blur.

At six, she almost reluctantly tore herself away from her desk. She took the elevator down to the second floor and ate a light, but hearty meal of organic chicken salad and a small plate of pasta. Then she hurried back upstairs and changed for the party. Min arrived with a flourish just as Summer was touching up her makeup.

“Are you ready?” Min asked, practically giddy, smiling like a little kid.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Min appraised her friend. “You look perfect. You’ve always been the pretty one.” Min’s eyes travelled down to Summer’s cleavage. “And the sexy one.” She reached over and hefted Summer’s sizable breasts.

“Hey!” Summer laughingly protested, pulling back. “Stop that.”

Min hummed with appreciation. “The guys are gonna love you tonight.”

Summer was both excited and nervous at the same time. She shrugged. “I just hope that I can at least make a good impression.” she told her friend as they headed for the elevators. Reputation was everything in business and if one wanted to be noticed when it came time for promotions, the right overseas transfers and raises, she needed to get known by all the right people here. She was still new. She had met a bunch of people, so many that she worried she’d never remember half of their names, but none were friends as yet. She really only new Min. She certainly hadn’t met any executives yet. This party could be her most important networking event of her new career here. “Just wish I’d had more time to meet more people. I’ve only been here two weeks. I don’t know anyone yet.”

Min waved the idea away with a hand. “Don’t worry. Some of my friends will be there. I’ll introduce you to the girls. You’ll be fine.”

They entered the elevator. Min reached into her small bust and withdrew a card. She placed it over a pad above the floor keys. The elevator doors closed.

To Summer’s surprise, all the lights in the panel of of floor numbers went out. The lights in the elevator ceiling dimmed and became pink, then blue, then green, rotating. Upbeat jazz came out of the speakers. They ascended, but at a speed that made it impossible to tell how fast. And without markers on the floor numbers, who knew how high they were going?

Min turned her head and gave Summer an impish grin. “Are you ready for this?”

Summer’s pulse raced and she felt a nervous tingle running through her body. She bit her lip as she smiled and nodded. “Definitely.”

The elevator arrived at their destination. The doors slowly slid open. They stepped out into a small receiving area. A single short hallway led away from them.

The private club’s entrance was guarded by two massive security guards in crisp black suits. They both seemed to recognize Min and waved her past with a smile.

Summer thought she saw them both eying her up as she passed into the hallway. She felt a little more confident about herself and hoped their attention was a good sign. Although, actually, she wasn’t entirely certain she was the dressed properly for this thing. Min had instructed her to look sexy, so Summer had worn a clingy green dress that revealed her luscious curves. The neckline plunged between her hefty breasts. Were too much of the girls on display? The bottom of the dress barely covered her ass. Was that too short? If she bent over, anyone would be able to see her black thong. Her sexy, strappy stiletto heels were 13 centimeters tall. Was that too aggressive?

Summer’s nervousness multiplied in a flash. What had she been thinking? She’d dressed for clubbing. Yet she was about to enter a party full of executives and managers and others from her company. She should have dressed sexy, but way more elegantly. She cursed herself and pulled up, heart fluttering. “Min. Maybe we shouldn’t go in.” She wrung her hands and took a half step backwards.

Min turned to her friend in surprise, finely sculpted brows raised. “Why? What’s wrong?” she asked with concern.

Summer looked down at herself. “Maybe I should have worn something else. I look way too slutty.”

Min’s look of concern vanished. She laughed. “Wait until you see the other girls. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. Like I said, you look perfect.” Min grabbed Summer’s arm and they pushed past a wide wooden door and into the party proper.

They entered a wide, oval-shaped room. It was one of the fanciest, most expensive-looking rooms she’d ever been in. Huge cascading chandeliers hung from above. Sultry mood lighting left the place in shades of sexy red, sumptuous purple and naughty pink. Intimate circular black leather booths dotted the floor. A waterfall plunged down from above, pouring over a sheltered bar, sparkling in the lights. A live band played on a small stage above a marble dance floor, singer crooning while many people writhed and gyrated to the excellent music.

Summer quickly saw that Min had been right about the fashion. Waitresses worked in skimpy and adorable uniforms so revealing that they looked like they had been designed by Playboy. The men all wore suits or tuxedoes, but the ladies here were dressed as sexy as Summer was. She fit right in.

As they walked through the private club, Summer thought she saw more than a few people glance their way. More specifically, her way. She had the strangest sensation that she was being appraised like a piece of art or judged the way one does when seeing if a fruit is ripe. Never one to shy away from attention, she put a little more swing into her wide hips as she walked and pretended not to notice everyone’s eyes on her.

Min led Summer over to a booth. The girls there squealed with delight as they saw Min. Two jumped up and hugged her. Then Min gestured to Summer. “This is Summer, my friend I told you about.”

The girls each introduced themselves. Amber was a blond, nordic goddess with mouthwatering curves and beguiling ice-blue eyes. Veronica was a seductive Spanish brunette with a smokey expression that promised dangerous things. Ivy was an exotic mix of fiery latin, North American native and curvy fillippino. Everything about her full lips, short but bubbly hourglass figure and the way she smiled promised hot sex. The girls were all super friendly and greeted Summer like a brand new friend.

“Min,” Amber mockingly scolded the slender Asian girl, “you never said Summer was so gorgeous!” The other girls chimed in with agreement. Everyone’s eyes roamed Summer’s body and they commented on every detail.

Summer found herself blushing. To be complimented so profusely by such hot women was compliment indeed.

Veronica pointed at the two new arrivals. “You know what you two need? Drinks. It’s time to get this party started.” The others cheered and raised their glasses.

Min pushed Summer into a seat. “Sit. I’ll grab us something.”

Summer found her nervousness abating. The other girls seemed so genuinely nice and welcoming. She didn’t feel any of the usual wariness at a new arrival or the cattiness of competition here. It was really nice. She was easily able to relax.

Min returned with two drinks. Min drank something orange and fruity and handed something weird and blue to Summer. Summer would have preferred wine, but politely accepted the drink with a smile. It was a little sweeter than she usually liked, but also surprisingly good.

The girls chatted about work and boys and more work and families, all getting to know each other. Like Summer, everyone here was a dedicated career girl, hardworking and excellent at her job. She readily felt like she belonged in their company and readily fit in.

Summer finished her blue drink and found another thrust into her hands before she had a chance to get up and replace it with wine. Whatever it was, it was strong. Before she even realized it was happening, she was lightheaded, almost swimming in euphoria, and by that time, she felt too good to care. The other girls all seemed to be in similar straights.

Summer found her vision and attention narrowing in more and more as they partied. Her body felt warm and melty. They drank, they danced, they chatted some more. Summer let herself be pulled along, enjoying the pleasant feelings coursing through her body. She was so excited to have made three amazing new friends. She loved these girls! They actually never really got around to any networking at all or meeting any of the guys in suits, but they were having so much fun that Summer didn’t even care. Which was weird because Summer was usually pretty man-hungry when she was drunk. Her dirty little secret was that she really, really loved dick. Especially when it was fucking her pussy. But this was a work function and she’d have to settle for her hot girl friends instead. And, later, her long, thick vibrating friends at home in the drawer next to her bed.

At some point, Summer found herself sitting on the edge of the couch in their booth. She had a blue drink in one hand. The effects of the alcohol seemed a little different than when she usually drank, and she felt kind of horny despite the fact that they hadn’t been flirting with any guys. But it was nice all the same. Her vision was a little fuzzy, head a little dizzy. Amber was talking to her and Summer had to lean forward a bit and really concentrate on what the other girl was saying. Something about fashion?

It was as if Summer was developing stronger and stronger tunnel vision to the point that she could only concentrate on one thing at a time. Everything  in the background faded more and more into a thick haze that she couldn’t quite see through. Time became indistinct. It seemed that hours were passing by in minutes. Things closed in more and more until she could only see or concentrate on a smaller and smaller item each time. Eventually, she got to the point where the only sounds she could clearly discern were the voices of her girl friends when they were up close and speaking to her.

Still, in spite of the odd fog blocking her peripheral vision and a sort of strange numbness about her body, she felt remarkably good. An internal warmth caressed her body, making her feel increasingly sexually aroused. Talking to such hot girls might have had something to do with it, the alcohol loosening Summer’s innate social resistance and letting her usually hidden bisexuality come out to play a little.

It was something she’d let Min coax out of her once or twice, a few kisses here, some ass groping there, but nothing more. Yet. Though she had to admit, especially in this state, she was more than a little curious about Min’s sexuality. Min, openly bi, had never made any secret of wanting to fuck Summer. If Summer hadn’t been at a work function and surrounded by her bosses, she might have been tempted to let Min get away with a lot more right now.

Flashes began going off in the fog of her mind as she talked and drank. Each time her feeling of arousal would peek, the flashes would escalate. It was as if they were sending flashes of pleasure to her body. She was talking to Amber about something or other while she felt her nipples get rock hard. They felt pinched and ached. A series of flashes went off in her mental fog and she swore she had an orgasm. She felt hands on her shoulders as if someone had to help her from falling over in a swoon. It was silly, of course. Just sitting there talking and drinking couldn’t possibly give someone an orgasm. Her imagination was running away with her.

“Say,” Amber said, putting her drink down and grabbing Summer’s hand, “I need to hit the bathroom. Come with me?”

Feeling the need herself, Summer wordlessly nodded and let herself be led away. It was a good thing Amber was there. Otherwise Summer might not have made it on her own. The alcohol had hit her harder than she’d realized. Her vision tunneled. She had to really concentrate on walking, focusing on Amber’s hand in her own. They passed through the crowd and she felt bodies press up against her the entire way. She was repeatedly jostled from every angle. If Amber hadn’t been leading her, Summer doubted she could have even found the bathroom on her own.

In the bathroom, she found herself helpfully placed into a stall and onto a toilet. For some reason, Amber insisted that it was easier to pee without her panties on at all so Summer let the other girl completely remove her thong. Summer didn’t question it, trusting her new friend. She peed while Amber talked to her. She’d thought herself finished, but then felt more pressure inside, so she waited longer on the toilet. After a while, the pressure disappeared, so she must have finished. Amber smiled at her and helped her stand. Summer smiled back. Amber was so beautiful and so helpful.

They returned to their booth, other guests of the party pressing in closer than ever. She couldn’t seem to take two steps without someone brushing her boobs or her ass. She saw a few people groping Amber on the way past, but Amber never objected, so Summer said nothing. When they arrived at the table, Min pushed another blue drink into Summer’s hand. Summer felt too good to question the drink choice anymore. Besides, the blue things had really grown on her.

The girls all relaxed in a tangle of legs on the couch, bodies pressed up against each other as they talked. Often, when someone spoke to Summer, the girls leaned in really close, breath tickling her ear as they spoke in intimate fashion to be heard over the music. Invariably, they rested a hand on Summer’s waist or hips or legs as they spoke, but Summer didn’t mind. The hands felt comforting and sexy, further proof that the girls were honestly quite fond of her. They were bonding so fast!

Summer took a drink and felt Veronica push the glass up, forcing Summer to drink faster. Summer tried not to laugh doing it. She thought she felt someone’s hands on her body, a lot of someones, and wondered if the girls were trying to steady her. She almost swore the hands were on her breasts and her nipples oddly grew hard again. Once more they felt almost pinched. There was a flash in her mind and for a moment she sat still, eyes out of focus, before Min drew Summer’s attention back to her own face and began talking very directly to her.

Summer was thankful for that because she had to pour all of her attention on Min to understand her friend. Actually, she wasn’t sure she really did, but Summer kept nodding and smiling anyway out of politeness. At the same time there were more flashes going off in her brain and she couldn’t shake the feeling of the hands. Perhaps the dress was too tight. She also felt certain now that she was getting very aroused, though again she wasn’t sure why.

Something tickled the cleft between Summer’s legs. She adjusted, moving them slightly farther apart so that the feeling would go away but it just got stronger. She wiggled around a bit, but the tickling persisted, along with more bright flashes in her mind. She started to look down.

Min put her hand on Summer’s chin and lifted it so that Summer looked directly into her eyes. Min must have spilled a drink on her hand because it was wet and sticky. “Oh, Summer,” Min gushed, “I’m just so happy you’re here with me. I’m so happy you got this job and moved here.”

“Mmm. Me too.” Summer agreed. The tickling between her legs seemed to have stopped, but the pressure all over her body was still there. Summer relaxed. Then the tickling returned. Summer put a hand on Min’s shoulder and leaned on her a little for support because the flashes started going off even faster now. She wanted to look down and see why her groin felt so funny, but didn’t dare to anymore. She felt really wet for some reason and didn’t want to draw her friend’s attention to that fact. Thank goodness she was wearing a thong. Or was she? Hadn’t Amber taken it off in the bathroom? Had she put it back on again after? She couldn’t remember. But of course she must have.

The sensation under her thong abated for a moment as Amber arrived. The hot blonde squeezed right up next to Summer and beamed a perfect smile. “Summer, it’s going to be so much fun having you here. I think they’re going to fit in you so well.”

Summer blinked at the other woman, mishearing. “Huh?”

“I said you’re going to fit in so well.”

“Aw. Thanks!” Summer felt a rush of warmth towards the other woman. She felt a pressure growing in her pussy as they talked and decided that she must have to go to the bathroom again soon, but ignored it for now. Someone put their head in her lap as she chatted and she absently stroked one of the girl’s hair as Amber asked Summer about her home town in Korea. Absently, Summer hoped the girl with her head in Summer’s lap didn’t notice that Summer was positively swimming in her thong now. Hopefully the girl was too drunk to smell just how turned on Summer was. Summer giggled to herself at her secret.

Amber stroked Summer’s cheek with affection. “You’re so beautiful.” Amber told her, seemingly sincere.

Summer felt pleased. She didn’t mind that Amber’s fingers seemed sticky and wet too, like Min’s had been. “You are too. So beautiful!” She felt her gaze drop to the woman’s huge breasts. Part of her wanted to reach out and touch them.

Amber caressed Summer’s cheek. “Aw. Thanks, Summer. You’re so kind.”

Some other girls arrived and the booth grew crowded. Summer found herself talking and standing, meeting new people. But the drinks had obviously gotten to her. She felt unsteady, especially in her very high heels. The pressure periodically returned to her aching breasts or warm pussy. Flashes went off in her brain. As they did, her legs grew more wobbly.

“Here.” Amber offered from where she sat on the edge of the couch. She took hold of Summer’s hands and brought them forward. “Rest your hands on my shoulders.”

Summer bent over almost ninety degrees and did just that. The feel of Amber’s bare shoulders made her giggle. “You have really soft shoulders. I feel like I’m touching your boobs.”

Amber laughed. “You wish. Say, would you mind giving me a bit of a massage? My shoulders are kind of sore.”

“Ok! No problem!” Summer eagerly replied. She squeezed and massaged the other woman’s voluptuous white flesh. She giggled to herself. She must be so drunk. She swore she felt nipples on Amber’s shoulders. She massaged harder. In this position, her pussy felt oddly full. It was a really nice feeling, one of her favorites, and she swayed back and forth as she massaged, feeling the sensation deepen each time she swayed backwards.

Amber moaned and repeatedly closed her eyes as they continued to talk, perhaps tired. But she kept returning to Summer, catching her gaze.

Summer continued to enjoy the peculiar but welcome sensation of being filled in her pussy. The flashes in her mind, which now seemed to envelop her entire body, also continued. Her knees grew even more wobbly. She spread her legs for better balance. Bent over, legs spread, her pussy felt really stretched. So weird.

The club was so busy that people behind her were constantly bumping into her from behind, throwing her further off balance. She idly wondered if anyone could see her thong at this angle, then decided she was too drunk to care. Something on her chest shifted. It made her giggle again.

“What’s so funny?” Amber asked, mouth open and eyes a little hooded. She definitely looked sleepy.

Laughing, Summer replied, “It feels like my breasts just fell out of my dress.”

“Hmm. Let me check.” Amber reached up and squeezed Summer’s tits. “Nope. Still safe. Want me to pull them out?”

“No!” Summer laughed some more. She didn’t object at all this time to being felt up. Even when Amber’s hands dropped again though, Summer’s breasts continued to ache, feeling tight. She wished she were at a regular club. She really wanted to find some guy and get laid, badly.

Summer and Amber continued to chat for a long time. Summer felt heat building up down below along with her arousal. It even seemed to seep out and spread down her thighs and calves.

Amber moaned. “I love your massage. You’re so good with your hands.”

“Thank you.” Summer replied, feeling proud.

“Hey, can I ask you something? Have you ever had anal sex?”

Summer opened her eyes wide. “No! Never!” she exclaimed, knowing that was the expected answer.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to worry. I do it all the time. I was just curious. I love anal. Was just wondering if you’d ever tried it.”

Summer relaxed. “Well, I’ve just never really had the chance, I guess.”

Amber looked wistful. “I love anal sex. I love it when a guy bends me over and pushes my ass cheeks apart.”

Summer stared deep into Amber’s eyes. Her concentration on Amber’s words was so strong that she could almost feel someone spreading her own ass cheeks.

“And when he pushes his fingers into me, stretching me out, getting me ready. Mmm.”

Summer’s ass hole twitched in sympathy. She imagined feeling someone’s fingers penetrating her dark star. So naughty.

“Then when he places his big, hard, manly cock at the entrance and pushes the head inside with a pop. I know I’ve just been penetrated. So hot.”

Summer felt her ass pop in empathy too. Her arousal rose as she listened. It was almost enough to make her want to do anal too, if she ever dared.

“But best of all,” Amber groaned, “is when he pushes deep inside, filling me up. So full. So full of cock. In my ass. I know I’m such a bad girl. A naughty girl. And he must feel so good. Because of me. Because I’m taking him where he’s not supposed to go, using my body to please him in the most illicit fashion.”

Flashes burst in Summer’s brain so thick and bright that she was nearly blinded and felt herself stumbling forward repeatedly. She pushed herself backwards again and again, fighting to stay upright. Amber’s words reached right down into her core. Summer laughed. “Oh my gosh! You’re so naughty. I can practically feel a ghostly cock in my ass right now, even imagine it fucking me. You make it sound delicious.”

“It is, Summer!” Amber enthused. “It’s so good that one won’t be enough. You’ll crave it. You’ll want more and more.”

The story stuck with Summer. Her ass felt full for the rest of the conversation. Heat spread inside her and she felt like she was burning up. She didn’t know how long that went on, but it was seemingly forever. Eventually the heat faded and she felt almost cool again down below. That was good because at this point, she had probably soaked right through her thong. Any more turned on and she’d start leaking enough for people to see.

Standing for so long had tired her out. Veronica drew her down onto the couch and affectionately rested Summer’s head on her lap. Veronica’s cool fingers came to rest over Summer’s eyes, closing them and helping her rest.

“Here,” Veronica told her, pushing something onto her lips, “suck on this.  It’s a treat. It’ll help you get your energy back.”

Summer let her lips and mouth open, accepting the treat. It was long and tasty, round and firm under her tongue.

“Just keep sucking. They’re cream filled. Totally refreshing.”

Veronica was nice enough to hold the treat for her so Summer just let herself drift, dazed and happy, warm popsicle thing between her lips, sucking on it. Soon enough she was rewarded with the cream center. It took a minute to get it all out, but she did. Summer swallowed it all. Veronica seemed to notice and replaced the treat with a fresh one.

“Want a massage?” Ivy asked from where she sat near Summer’s legs.

Summer mumbled an enthusiastic response from around her treat and felt Ivy go to work. When the next treat was withdrawn from her mouth, Summer moaned from under Veronica’s hand. “Mmm. They’re so good.”

“You want another one?” Veronica asked.

“Yes, please!” Summer grinned, hungry for more. Another popsicle pushed into her mouth. This one was really large. She gagged on it a little, but quickly accommodated it and eventually got the cream she wanted. She lost track of how many treats she had, but they didn’t seem to fill her up, so she was happy to take more. Summer felt Ivy’s hands on her legs and it was exquisite. From the cool, wet feeling on her aroused pussy lips and ass she knew her legs must be spread wide and exposed, the air on her juices soothing. She tried to close her legs, knowing people would see if she didn’t.

“It’s ok.” Ivy assured her. “No-one can see you at this angle. Don’t worry.”

Trusting her new friend, Summer let her legs fall wide again. She continued sucking her treats. She felt a splash on her face and realized that someone must have spilled their drink. Twice more she was splashed, maybe more. It trickled down her cheek and neck. She felt some flowing down the crevice between her breasts. But she was too drunk and happy and feeling good to make a fuss. No sense getting angry over a little accident or two and spoiling the mood, right?

A little later, the treats stopped. Summer felt herself jostled and moved around. It kind of felt like someone was trying to lay down next to her. She felt a twitch in her ass and remembered Amber’s anal sex story. Once again she felt herself involuntarily respond, opening for it, imagining it happening to herself again. She felt a hand on her face and opened her eyes.

Min smiled down at her as she held Summer’s chin. “Hey. Feeling ok?”

Summer gave her what was probably a pretty sloppy grin at this point. “So good. Such a good party.”

Min held Summer’s face and concentration. “Hey, Veronica’s just going to help you sit up ok?”

Summer nodded. She felt hands behind her help her rise up. For someone reason, Min kept holding Summer’s face, directing Summer’s attention to the side and towards her old friend. As Summer rose into a sitting position, she felt pressure on her pussy. Was she sitting on something? The feeling increased. Actually, she felt herself filling up inside. She started to panic. So full! “Min. I need to go to the bathroom!” she cried out.

Min held Summer’s face. “Are you sure?”

Summer’s jaw fell open, she was definitely dizzy because she couldn’t seem to sit still. But the pressure inside her was immense. Like she’d never felt before. “Yes! Please!”

“There’s a really big line right now. Just squeeze for me. Can you do that? Can you hold it?”

Summer bit her lip and nodded. She squeezed with all her might. She had so much trouble sitting up on her own though and was grateful for Min’s help. “Min, you’re such a good friend. I love you!”

“I love you too, Summer!”

Her brain temporarily succumbed to an overwhelming series of flashes. Summer felt a burst of heat inside her. Then the pressures within her eased. She relaxed. She was holding it. But the relief was brief. The pressure in both her ass and pussy increased again. “Min!”

“Squeeze hard. As hard as you can.”

Summer squeezed. She focused all her attention on squeezing her lower, inner muscles, locking her pussy and ass down. Thank goodness someone was holding her up, because she was beyond the ability to sit on her own now. She was fiercely dizzy, brain swirling with fireworks, her world shrunk down to the incredibly intense feelings below. Time passed, she didn’t know how long, and the feelings grew and eased, grew and eased. She just focused all her will on them, holding, squeezing. She breathed heavily. Her heart raced with the effort. Then the flashes completely overwhelmed her. The world became black.

~ ~ ~

Summer woke up. She blinked. It took a couple of long moments to regain herself. She looked around. She was in her bedroom, laying in her own bed. She closed her eyes and tried to think. Last night was a blur. Nothing. Not even how she got home.

With a groan, she rolled over and sat up. For some reason, she was naked. Everything was sore. Especially down south. That was really weird. Had she brought some guy home last night? Half worried, she glanced around. No evidence of that. She sighed with relief. She didn’t want to have to deal with that right now in her groggy state.

A note on her phone caught her attention.


Hey, sexy! Looks like you had a little too much to drink last night. LOL. We had to carry you home. No vomit though – hurray for you! XD

Today is already Saturday. The girls you met last night are having a get together tonight at Ivy’s apartment. There’s a video from last night and apparently the girl is a brilliant cook. Come!!!

After putting the phone down, Summer rolled her head around and massaged her neck. Well, it was only noon. Evidently someone had showered her last night, but she felt like she needed a nice hot bath to soak in too. And a protein shake or two. But, if she took it easy, maybe dinner with others was doable. She didn’t really recall the girls much from last night, but she did have this deep, pleasant feeling when she tried to think about them. So they must have had fun together.

Summer spent the day resting at home. She was too sore for yoga and watched a movie instead. When six o’clock came around, she ventured out of the house and followed the directions Min had sent for Ivy’s place.

Ivy lived in a sweet little penthouse just outside downtown. Very expensive. Summer would learn later that Ivy had a sugar daddy at the company and made very good use of him.

Min answered the door and let Summer in. The girls were welcoming and excited to see her.

“Hey.” she greeted them, feeling a little embarrassed. Summer took a minute but eventually remembered everyone’s names through the haze that was last night.

“Aw.” Veronica hugged Summer. “Look who’s feeling shy about last night.”

“Maybe…” Summer admitted. “Actually, I can’t remember anything at all. But I woke up naked and I have no idea how I got that way.”

Amber bounced up off the couch with a grin. “Then let’s show you!” She popped a DVD into the player. She turned and gave Summer a conspiratorial wink. “There was an official videographer at the party last night. He caught everything.”

They all sat down in the living room. Ivy passed around glasses of wine. The show began.

It started off randomly, like a promotional video of people around the party. People talked and drank and laughed. Girls blew kisses at the camera. Then the view came to rest on Summer, Min and her new friends. And, most oddly, it didn’t leave. The camera person stuck on them.

Summer felt uncertain. What was going on? She glanced at the others. “Uh, is he following me with the camera?” she asked, half-joking.

“Yep!” Veronica casually replied.

Summer blinked. She hadn’t really been expecting that answer. “Uh, what?”

Amber half tore her gaze away from the tv. “It was your first night. He was there to capture you.”

Alarm bells went off in Summer’s head. A videographer was there just for her? Not possible. What the hell was going on? She had her answer soon enough. Unable to look away, she watched herself on screen as the night progressed.

She watched as she was plied with blue drink after blue drink. She watched as she became increasingly dizzy and relaxed. And she watched as things got weird and very, very sexual.

On camera, Summer talked and drank with Amber. From behind, Veronica pushed her fingers down the front of Summer’s dress and pinched and twisted her nipples. Summer’s mouth fell open and her breathing deepened. Then she shuddered and visibly came. The people around them cheered and clinked glasses together.

Summer was led, now quite drunk, to the bathroom. The entire way, people watched her go and everyone nearby reached out and touched her. They openly fondled her tits and ass and waist – everything. The camera actually followed inside the washroom as they entered. Summer was led to a stall and sat down. Then Amber convinced her that Summer’s panties should go. And for some reason, they went into Amber’s pouch. Summer peed. Then she sat there, staring at Amber, talking as Amber fingered Summer’s pussy!

Summer, in Ivy’s apartment, gasped and looked around at the others. But the other girls paid her no attention, happily smiling and engrossed in the video. Summer shook her head in amazement and turned back to the show.

Summer was led out of the bathroom, then once again through a throng of eager hands. She was sat down at their booth again and still the hands groped and felt her body.

Except for Summer, the girls in the apartment all laughed as they watched Summer on screen visibly cumming as men and women both toyed with Summer’s nipples and massaged every inch of her body.

Summer, sitting on the floor next to them, was too horrified by what was being done to her, and too shocked to say or do anything except blush. Her face hot, she refused to look at Min as her old friend now became active on screen.

Min, that betrayer! That manipulative vixen! That traitor! She must have organized all of this. She must have planned it all, from inviting Summer to plying her with those special blue drinks. One of her most trusted friends, Min not only allowed people to play with Summer’s body, but started to do so herself too. Min’s hand casually spread Summer’s leg’s a bit, then her fingers delved into Summer’s bare and very wet pussy. Two fingers calmly fucked Summer’s willing hole while Min looked into Summer’s face and conversed as if nothing else was going on at all. When Summer tried to look down to see what was going on, Min raised her chin, leaving a smear of Summer’s juices on her own face.

Then Amber arrived, taking over from Min. She too fingered Summer as people around watched and enjoyed it. Then Amber withdrew her hand. Ivy knelt between Summer’s legs and ate Summer’s pussy like a pro. Summer actually started tilting her hips back and forth a little, fucking Ivy’s tongue. Amber too touched Summer’s face, leaving another trail of juices on her cheek.

More girls joined them in the booth. Summer stood. As she talked, she was fondled and fingered by random people and made to cum multiple times. It left a smile on Summer’s lips. In fact, she seemed entirely happy the whole night through. Then Amber pulled down the top of her own dress, took Summer’s hands and placed them roundly on Amber’s bare tits. Summer enthusiastically took to playing with them. While Summer massaged Amber’s breasts, Veronica knelt between Amber’s legs and ate the blonde woman out. The combination brought Amber great pleasure and she came multiple times.

Summer watched the tv in mind-blowing shock. She couldn’t believe this had happened to her. They were all in it. Everyone. She was the star of this perverted show. Then it went to the next level.

Men started stripping or dropping their pants all around their booth. Min and Ivy got on their knees behind Summer and sucked one penis after another until the many men were hard. One at a time, each man got up behind Summer as she was bent over, hands on Amber’s chest, then thrust his hard cock into Summer’s cunt.

Watching the tv, Summer gasped as her best friend fed penis after penis into Summer’s pussy. Each man fucked her hard and fast. There wasn’t a condom in sight. Each one came deep inside her. Each one left a load of hot, white cum in her cunt. Five men came inside her. Then a dozen. Then two dozen. There was so much cum that it drained out of her hole and coated the inside of her thighs and calves. Summer couldn’t stop climaxing, her head rolling around as she writhed against the men inside her.

Then Amber started talking about anal sex. On screen, drunk Summer’s face lit up at the idea as the blonde talked about it. It became excited as men spread her ass cheeks and then started fingering her ass, making the hole loose. Then Summer’s face became literally orgasmic as the first hard cock penetrated her virgin ass hole. The first couple of guys went slow, getting her broken in, but Summer quickly loosened. Summer obviously loved it. She pushed herself back on their cocks, trying to get them deeper. She came over and over, endlessly orgasmic.

Guys cheered each other and gestured about how tight and sweet Summer’s ass was. More and more lined up for Min’s and Ivy’s happy, eager mouths as they prepared to fuck Summer’s ass. And fuck they did. So many men. Some fucked her ass, then came in her pussy. Other’s fucked her pussy, then came in her ass. There was so much cum. Summer seemed to be experiencing an endless string of thrilling orgasms. At some point, her dress was removed and she stood stark naked as she was gangbanged. Her big tits, now free, heaved back and forth. Many of the men used them for handles as they fucked her from behind. Other times, men milked her tits with their hands or knelt and sucked on her nipples.

After a long time, the line of men tapered off. Min and Ivy turned their attention to Summer, cleaning her up a bit with their tongues. Then Summer was led to the couch again. There, Veronica cradled Summer’s head in her lap, closed Summer’s eyes and fed her nice hard cock. The man came and Summer swallowed like she was desperately thirsty. More men arrived. Veronica stroked each new cock hard, then gently inserted the shaft into Summer’s hungry mouth.

Often, the men were still covered with the remnants of Summer’s juices and other men’s cum from when they’d fucked her earlier. Summer only seemed to enjoy these more. One after another, the men came, shooting their semen between her plush lips. Summer swallowed it all. More than fifteen loads of cum. A few guys didn’t even bother waiting for her mouth to free up, they simply jerked themselves off on her face and tits. Cum melted all over her skin. She looked like the filthiest porn star.

During this time, Min, Summer’s new friends and other girls around the club sank between Summer’s legs and sucked and licked the cum from her well-used orifices. Everybody wanted a taste. Summer’s hips instinctively thrust back at their mouths, enjoying the attention.

At this point, Summer on screen was losing stamina. But it wasn’t over. A guy squeezed himself onto the couch behind her, then hauled her on top of himself. His cock entered her ass. Another guy placed his penis at the entrance to her pussy. Then Summer was helped up into a seated position, distracted by Min, while she was double penetrated. Two men at once, a hard, thick cock in each hole.

This drove Summer wild. Her eyes rolled back and she practically drooled with pleasure. In fact, there was so much pleasure that Summer had to be held in place. She even grabbed onto a couple of nearby hard cocks to steady herself, one in each hand. She followed Min’s instructions to squeeze her pussy and ass as much as she could. The guys inside her finished remarkably quickly thanks to her efforts. Several more times they DP’d her. Then Summer could take no more and passed out.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Min and the girls cheered Summer’s efforts. Then they directed any men with any cum left to jerk off on her naked body.

Men circled around, hands on their members, stroking intently as they admired Summer’s beautiful body. They came on her tits and belly and on the mound of black hair between her legs. A woman boldly climbed up and fucked Summer’s mouth, rubbing her pussy all over it. Even in her sleep, Summer was insatiable. The woman squealed happily as Summer’s mouth responded. By the time the men were done masturbating, Summer’s entire body was covered in a film of creamy white cum. It was the filthiest and sexiest thing Summer had ever seen.

The video stopped there. The girls were all laughing hysterically. Summer was still silent.

“Well, dear, you haven’t said a word through the whole thing. What do you think?” asked Veronica.

“I’ll bet that she’s as turned on as we are.” surmised Min. Before Summer could stop her, Min had a hand up Summer’s dress. Fingers rubbed panties that had become soaked through with Summer’s pussy juices. Min smiled brightly. “I was right!”

Summer didn’t reply. The truth was, she was conflicted. She was torn that these girls, who had been friends, that she’d placed so much trust in at the party, had given her up to be used like this. She felt betrayed. But at the same time, that video was the sexiest porn she’d ever seen. She’d become so horny by the end that she didn’t trust herself to move or speak. She looked around at the girls. She realized that there was no malice in their expressions. Only empathy and understanding.

“Please don’t feel hurt, Summer. We’ve all been there.” said Amber.

“Yeah, we can show you identical videos for each one of us. It’s just something they do to new members of the group.” said Ivy.

“We weren’t supposed to get you involved in this at all, actually.” said Min, looking apologetic. “Two other girls originally had their initiations that night. It’s just that someone high up had seen you and thought you were hot. He asked me to invite you. He made you the star of the party instead.” Min looked down and away. “I’m sorry you were deceived, Summer. I know how you feel. A little. Please know that I love you and that I only agreed to this because I honestly thought you’d enjoy it. Like I did when it was me going through this. But if you want to leave now, we’ll all understand. Although, I think we’ll all be sorry if you did. We’d like you to stay.” Min’s apology was sincere and Summer could see that.

Summer thought long and hard about it for a few minutes. But there was just no denying the truth. She had seen it all over her own face in the video. And in the way she’d responded just now. She sighed. “Min’s right. I think I’m too horny to go home right now.”

The other girls cheered and laughed and hugged Summer tightly. Everyone was ecstatic that Summer had officially become part of their group.

Summer relaxed and loosened up, forgiving the others. She was excited about the new world she’d become a part of. Min’s hand somehow remained on Summer’s sex. Summer daringly chose not to resist, accepting her new course in life.

Min slid in under the Summer’s panties and fingered her friend. When Min, bright red lips glistening, dark eyes excited, leaned over to kiss Summer as well, Summer embraced her and kissed her back.

The other girls quickly got naked, drinks (no blue ones Summer was thankful to see) were poured, and the party quickly elevated into an all girl orgy.

And Summer loved it.

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