Part 1

A beautiful girl married to a much older man. Step mother to a handsome 19 year old only a few years younger than she. All is blissful. Until a mysterious stalker enters her life. Fear. Seduction. Forbidden hunger. Secrets begin to pile up. Can she give up temptation and save herself? Or will her uncontrolled lust drive her to destruction? Then, shock. She isn’t the only one with secrets.


Forbidden Lust (Part 1): Naughty Step Mother Edition – [purchase_link id=”1301″ text=”Purchase” color=”green”]
Forbidden Lust (Part 1): Taboo Mother Edition – [purchase_link id=”1306″ text=”Purchase” color=”green”]

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Part 2

Discovery. Her stepson sees all! How will he react finding out about his stepmother’s hidden passions? And what about his secret? Then, return of the mysterious caller. He knows Yvet’s darkest truths. What will he make her do? How far will he make her go to stay silent? How far will she let herself go? Secrets pile up as her carnal desires awaken and Yvet crosses the line into the Forbidden. 


Forbidden Lust (Part 2): Naughty Step Mother Edition – [purchase_link id=”1320″ text=”Purchase” color=”green”]
Forbidden Lust (Part 2): Taboo Mother Edition – [purchase_link id=”1325″ text=”Purchase” color=”green”]

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