Selena and Kit


An erotic romance of love and personal growth.

It’s so easy and natural to just fall in line with everyone else. Why think for ourselves when it’s so much easier just to think like others do? Except, what if other people are wrong? What if their attitudes are based on ignorance and fear? What if following the crowd means we’re missing out on the best things in life?

When Kit challenges Selena to expand her horizons in the bedroom, it’s not just a matter of whether or not she likes trying something new. The bedroom is a battleground of pleasure versus peer pressure, sensuality versus stigma. Venturing into new territory and leaving the vanilla life behind requires challenging the way we think, the way we feel, even our very identity. It’s scary.

But the rewards are potentially fabulous. As they challenge each other, they also challenge themselves. They have a chance at not only discovering new pleasures in the bedroom, but discovering new parts of each other’s very being. The biggest question is whether or not Selena can find the courage think for herself, to be honest with herself, to experience something openly and without prejudice, and in the end, make her own decisions. Will she bury herself in denial and hide behind what she thinks everyone else does? Or will she choose to grow, and reap the many rewards?


Erotica: Erotic romance, anal, masturbation

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

Selena felt the heat of the tea seeping into her thin hands and welcomed it. She sipped and felt its warmth trickle over her tongue and trail languidly down her throat.

I hate being cold!

Her husband banged away noisily in the kitchen and she silently wished he’d stop making such a racket.

You’re just so annoying right now! Go away and leave me in peace!

When he walked out of the kitchen towards the stairs, she finally deigned to glance up. Just as her gaze started back towards the TV, something caught her eye.

“What happened to your pants?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Oh my god. Did you wreck them? We just bought those!” She glared up the clumsy oaf. What a waste of money. She shrugged the blanket off impatiently and set the tea down. Half stomping her way over, she grabbed at what she now saw was a huge, unfixable tear in Kit’s new pants. Anger flared. She stuck her fingers into the breach. Kit flinched and her fingers felt something wet. Opening the rent in the material, she saw bruised flesh sliced to pieces, blood oozing out of a dozen lacerations.

Selena snatched her hand away and looked horrified. “What happened?”

“I slipped on the ice carrying stuff.”

She looked at him like he was stupid, her worry corrupted by her already exhausted and negative state of mind. Her voice rose in anger. “Why didn’t you come in and tell me? I could have finished the groceries.”

“If you’d wanted to help, you wouldn’t have gone inside so quickly in the first place. Look, Selena, I get it, you’re having a hard day. You needed rest, so I took care of things.”

Guilt appeared. God damned guilt. Her voice gained an even sharper edge as she tried to deny it. “You’re hurt. You should have stopped. I could have done the groceries.” She unconsciously deflected her guilt by turning things right back on him, trying to make it his fault that there was a problem, trying to make him feel bad instead of her.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” He shrugged somewhat coldly and turned to go, obviously not wanting to talk.

Selena watched him go and her anger snapped.

What the hell is wrong with him?

She whirled around and went back to her seat on the couch. But she couldn’t calm down. To make matters worse, Selena felt the guilt worming its way up through her chest, growing stronger. She hated feeling guilty. She tried to quash the unwanted feeling. Tried to be angry instead. Tried to not care. But through all her weariness, her negativity, her anger, she felt a deep pang of empathy for her wounded husband.

Fuck. What am I doing? I should be up there taking care of him. That looked soooo painful. Poor Kit!

Selena looked over at the kitchen as something dawned on her.

Oh my god. That was the noise I heard earlier. Him falling. But he still carried the groceries in and did two more loads. I would have given up and come inside if it had happened to me. I would have asked him to finish. No, told him to, or worse just expected him to take over when I quit. He didn’t. And he put everything away, all by himself, while being hurt. While I just sat here on the couch thinking stupid, mean things about the man I say I love.

Fuck, I’m obviously not loving him very much. But he’s being wonderful.

Her mind went back to earlier in the day. She thought about how grumpy she’d been while they were shopping. How he’d tried to be playful and cheer her up and she’d acted annoyed. How she’d stopped talking to him and was silent all the way home. How she’d ditched him the moment they got here, hadn’t helped at all, just left everything for him.

Fuck. I’ve been a god damned monster the whole day. I’m such a bad wife.

Her first instinct was to deny this reasoning. Her second was to punish herself and curl up on the couch again, hating herself. But she had made enough mistakes for one day.

It’s time to step up and be a real woman. I have to make it up to him.

Selena stood up and threw off her negativity and tiredness. She ran upstairs and found her husband in the bedroom, sitting on a towel on the bed, trying to pull off his pants. The size of the bruise almost stopped Selena in mid stride. It was already turning nasty colours and dripping blood everywhere. But she pressed on.

She dropped to her knees next to him and reached out to help with the pants. As they slid down, he winced again, and she spoke, full of remorse and giving in to the truth behind her guilt at last.

“Honey. I’m so sorry. I’ve been a total bitch all day. I’ve ignored you and been mean to you and I haven’t appreciated you at all.” The pants came free and she used them to gently blot up the blood still leaking copiously. Her heart went out to him, knowing how much this must hurt. “I’m sorry I was such a bitch while we were shopping, and I totally left all the groceries to you. I was being completely selfish.”

She wasn’t expecting forgiveness, she knew she didn’t deserve it. But she felt a hand on her head, stroking her hair.

“Wow. Thanks for saying that.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Love you.”

Selena’s heart swelled three times and she rose, throwing her arms around his neck pressing her full lips into his. “I love you too.” she whispered between kisses.

Suddenly energized and feeling positive, Selena released her husband and strode to the bathroom. She tossed the pants in the waste bin, no longer concerned at all about their loss. Grabbing the first aid kit, she hurried to Kit’s side.

Kit grunted and half laughed, half cried out as Selena cleaned and bandaged the wound. She wasn’t practiced or skilled and her fingers felt like all thumbs. She knew she was causing him additional pain, but he didn’t utter a single complaint. She was thankful and her pride in him grew. Her whole being was suffused with love for this wonderful man.

When the last bandage was in place, Kit’s arm swept around her back and lifted her bodily onto the bed. Selena gasped and they tumbled back onto the covers together. Then Kit was kissing her and her arms were around him and she could barely kiss back properly because of the smile on her face.

Clothes flew in every direction. Lips attacked ever soft curve, every intimate crevice. Selena moaned and her nails dug into her husband’s back. His hand seized her breast and his teeth gently clutched her firm nipple. His tongue flicked back and forth over the wrinkled flesh, causing her to breath in sharply. Her desire was growing in leaps and bounds in the face of his passion.

She reached down and filled her hand with the huge muscle of his ass. She loved his ass. So incredibly round and firm from years of sports. She dug her fingers in and pulled his hips towards her, feeling his hot rod press into her leg.

He rolled onto his back and Selena found herself astride his hips. She grinned down at him. She loved being up here. Wasting no time, she eagerly reached down between her legs and grabbed him. The heat threatened to burn her hand. She had to have it inside herself.


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