bondage hands tied

She slid onto the bed, the white satin sheets gliding beneath her smooth, flawless skin. Her long, delicately tapered legs drifted wide, and had it not been for the elegant red lace panties, she would have completely exposed her smoldering pussy, well heated from the passionate kisses exchanged only seconds before. Her eyes locked onto those of the man before her, and her lips parted wantonly, one hand stroking her naked breast almost unconsciously, though she was aware of the orb’s skin tightening, the nipple growing hard.

She sensed movement and her eyes drifted down the man’s broad, chiseled chest, to the exciting bulge growing in his boxers. A triumphant grin split her engaging lips, revealing her sparkling smile. Her hand slid downwards and traced the outline of her vulva through the tight lace and her head fell back, eyes closed in ecstasy. He took the opportunity closer, needing to touch her.

The movement brought her back to the moment, from the clouds she’d momentarily drifted to, and she locked her eyes onto the man crawling towards her. He made his way up between her legs, slowing only enough to let his tongue taste the entire length of her luxurious legs, sending a delightful shiver through her body. When he reached the apex of her limbs, his lips pressed hotly into her pussy for a long moment, feeling her own heat radiating from the moist spot, the pheromones swirling into his nostrils and captivating his brain, then wended their way upwards, over the sensitive skin of her flat stomach. She shivered at the touch, and her tummy fluttered ever so delicately as the fine hairs of her skin were tickled sensuously, her body waiting anxiously anticipating his movement to her breasts.

He evaded the nipples, instead letting his kisses surround the entirety of the orbs, focusing first on where the breast reached the chest, so often hidden and ignored that she lit up at his first touch, moaning audibly in pleasure. Her head once again fell backwards, pulling her torso with it, until she collapsed onto the soft satin pillows, free to writhe with uncontrollable passion at her lover’s busy tongue.

His mouth kissed all around each breast slowly, softly, making her body ache for more. When he got to nipples at last, the wet tongue bathing the tender flesh, now hardened and engorged, all her body cried out for was more. He had her so worked up already that she wanted to completely dispense with further foreplay and get him inside her – now. The problem was, she couldn’t bring herself to stop moaning and tell him so, for fear that would mean the end of this incredible sensation on her breasts. All she could do was arch her back and press her breasts into his mouth a little harder, aching for him to get rougher with them.

Perfectly aware that she was slowly becoming enveloped in that heady mix of sensations and eroticism that women fall into when truly immersed in sexual passion, and that she would ignore all else beyond his teeth nibbling her nipples, he began to move. He was careful, lest he break off contact and his plan need be abandoned.

Reaching cautiously over the edge of the bed, he looked up to make sure she was still engrossed in his actions, careful not to change his rhythm too much, and retrieved an ultra soft nylon rope from where it had been hidden earlier. His mouth intensified its sucking and licking motions on her right breast as he gently took her right wrist and slipped a pre-made loop over it, tightening it so that she would not be able to pull out of it. The other end was already tied around the bed post, its length hidden by the pillows. After making sure her right arm was secure, he proceeded to do the same with her other arm.

She sensed his activities and in the recess of her mind she realized what he was doing, but she was so turned out that she just didn’t care to stop him in any way right now; what she was feeling was simply too erotic. The bulge in his boxers had hardened fully now and pressed into her pussy. She bit her lip and rubbed herself furiously up and down, wanting more and more, wanting to break both layers of cloth and fill herself with its hardness.

That’s when he finally broke contact and the spell almost broke. her eyes opened and she was about to protest but he slipped a vibrator under her panties and shoved it unceremoniously into her pussy on full power. The vibration tore into her and the sensation nearly overwhelmed her, successfully sealing off her attempted protest. She gasped and sank back into a furious frenzy of writhing, this time impeded by the ropes, but the bondage only pushed her passion higher.

As she was stunned and euphoric, he reached to the rear corners of the bed and pulled out two more loops of rope, securing these tightly to her ankles. She was now completely unable to move to any significant degree. The ropes could not hurt, but also refused to allow her to escape. As a final touch, he grabbed a blindfold off the marble bedside table and reached up to pull it over her head.

She protested this last move but couldn’t do anything about it. It was then that she finally realized the extent of her predicament, of her helplessness. She tried to speak through the fog of pleasure, but found it difficult, so her voice omitted no more than a few feeble moans and whines. The minutes progressed without him touching her and she wondered madly where he had gone because the vibrator was making her completely wild and she was becoming violent at being unable to touch her clit herself and release some of the pleasure.

 * * *

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