Museum of the Ice Ages

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Museum of the Ice Ages (Part 1) 

Frozen solid for thousands of years. All thawed out, but still - hard.
Frozen solid for thousands of years. All thawed out, but still – hard.

Three handsome warrior cavemen have been discovered frozen and perfectly preserved. A new museum is built to study them and show them to the world. May Fairweather is Director of Research, a young girl chosen as much for being brilliant as beautiful, for she’s one of the public faces of this world class facility. When she accidentally awakens on of the cavemen, she gets the surprise of her life.  This guy is the hunk of her dreams, and thawing him out has turned him into an insatiable sex machine! The museum is closed and she’s all alone to enjoy this miracle to the fullest.

Erotica: Cavemen, bukkake (facial)


May raced around the Great Hall, but found herself alone. A scratching sound caught her ear from the west wing. She ran off as fast as her heels would let her. Soon she entered one of the more finished exhibits, a Pleistocene jungle. The room was lit only by emergency lights here and there, leaving it deeply shadowed. The exhibit was filled with plants and a pond with a small waterfall, meant to be a realistic sample of the prehistoric jungle world. Animatronic animals and people would be added later. She slowed to a walk, entered the jungle and surveyed the dense foliage around her. Her heart was pounding.

A rustle to the right made her pause. It was close. Only now did May stop to really consider what she was doing. She was chasing what were probably multiple thieves through the dark, alone. She had no weapon, not even her phone on her. In retrospect, this might have been a bad idea. She began to back away and slowly turned around.

Emergency light cast shadows on the wall to her left. One of them moved. May froze, terror shooting through her like a cold knife. She watched as the shadow slowly separated from the others around it. Watched as it evolved into something recognizable, something terrifying. A shaggy human head. 

May freaked out and ran, tearing through the jungle towards the hallway. There was a strange grunting sound from behind her, but she couldn’t look back. All she could think about was getting away, getting out of here, getting away from that shadow.

She burst out of the exhibit’s foliage and onto the hard floor of the hallway. And came face to face with it. The caveman. There he was. Living, breathing, and watching her. He towered over her, muscles bulging, chest covered in hair, his lower body barely covered by some leather and fur. His head tilted, bird-like, for a moment. Then it straightened and he roared. Panic consumed her. May turned and bolted the opposite direction down the hallway. 

She could hear the caveman following with soft, bare footsteps. How could she possibly outrun him, she thought desperately. Then her heel twisted and she collapsed forwards on her face. The wind was knocked out of her in a great whoosh. She struggled for breath, clutching at her chest, unable to think, momentarily forgetting the man behind her.

The caveman pulled up only a couple of meters away. He tilted his head again, surveying the strange human on her hands and knees before him. Her odd clothing. The smell of her. The upturned buttocks.

Slowly, May’s breath came back to her. She calmed, thinking no further than how to breath, but the reason she had been running in the first place suddenly came back to her. Something nudged her skirt from behind and she froze. Again something brushed her. Then she felt cool, smooth skin and a nose press the backs of her thighs. She shivered. It pressed again, harder, but May didn’t move. A third time, insistently and May let her thighs open a little wider. 

She could feel the man’s face slide up and down her inner legs. His hot breath on her skin. He travelled upwards, coming to rest on the apex between her legs. Then the caveman took a long, deep sniff of her sex.



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Museum of the Ice Ages (Part 2)

Museum of the Ice Ages 2

A caveman is loose in the museum and its appetite for May Fairweather is unquenchable. In fact, it’s more than she can take. Time to call for help and share this amazing event with her best friend Beth. The two girls together attempt to satisfy the raging animal lust of the wild man.

Erotica: Cavemen, menage, bukkake (facial), anal



Beth punched her code into the Admin entrance’s door. It took a few moments for the alarms to go off and she tapped her foot impatiently.

Come on. Hurry up! Like, who’s gonna steal giant frozen cavemen anyway? Do we really need space age security in here?

The green light appeared on the security panel and Beth entered the building. The place was quiet, the lights off. The windows and emergency lights made it easy enough to find her way around. She tossed her things on her desk and started to make her way to May’s office. She rounded the corner from the lab area to the central offices and at once heard May’s voice across coming through her open door. Beth’s jaw hit the floor at what she heard.

“Yes! Oh, yes! God, I love your cock. Ruin me. Ruin my pussy!”

Beth ran forward. I. Must. See. This.

She burst through the door and stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes bulged out of her head. May Fairweather, her friend, the director of the world’s newest and most famous museum, was bent over her desk, arms splayed, hair in wild disarray, glasses askew and utterly naked. Well, except for the copious amounts of sticky white goo all over her body. And standing behind her, rutting away with vicious abandon, was a mother-fucking caveman!

“Holy fuck. It’s a mother-fucking caveman!” Beth squeaked in a little voice.


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This book can be found on the Amazon Tina Bell Author Page.

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Museum of the Ice Ages (Part 3)

Museum of the Ice Ages 3

May and Beth struggle between the two of them to satisfy a single unthawed caveman. But he’s almost too much. But before Beth learns about that, she sets the remaining two free of their icy prison and now three are awake! The girls quickly call in another friend to help. But – oh no! – an unexpected visitor arrives and could learn of every naughty thing they’ve been doing with these beast men. They’ve also got only a day remaining on the long weekend. The complex will reopen soon and everyone will learn about the living ancient warriors. Can they fend of the surprise guest? Can they cover their tracks before they’re all discovered?

Erotica: Cavemen, menage, bukkake (facial), anal



The trio rounded a corner and entered the Pleistocene wing. Only a dozen meters into it and Gina was looking around in surprise.

“Wow! What happened here? All the plants are -” She froze in mid-step, sentence and thought. Her heart actually did for a split second too. In the middle of the artificial forest, which was now heavily chewed up, were three cavemen. They were building a campsite. There was an electric stove which May had brought from the cafe and taught them to use. There were padded beds made of leaves, and a line to hang their furs and leathers from washing. They’d turned the pond into a bath and clothes washing area.

That washing had left the three men completely naked, and they strode around completely devoid of shyness. They were three giants of raw sculpted muscle and manly chest hair, their cocks swinging in the air with every movement. Buttocks like basketballs, washboard abs, shoulders that looked wide enough to bear the whole world. Arms that could sweep a woman effortlessly off her feet and carry her over a thousand thresholds. 

But they weren’t top heavy like many modern gym-goers. A lifetime of running and hiking and climbing had formed their legs into tree trunks of incredible strength. The average guy-next-door was nothing compared to these epic versions of masculinity. It was as if they had stepped out of the pages of a comic book about superheroes. They completely changed how Gina defined the word ‘male’ in her head. 

Gina was, in fact, positive that she was dreaming. Because three, naked, gorgeous, totally sexy gods could not possibly be muscle strolling around penis in front of her. It was as if her most muscle delicious ass fantasies had come to penis life. 

“That’s impossible.” Gina’s voice was matter-of-fact. “That’s impossible.”

“They’re real!” May breathed excited. “The three cavemen that were delivered. They accidentally got thawed out and now they’re alive!”

“No.” Gina’s mind couldn’t process the sight before her eyes. “Cavemen don’t exist. This is impossible. Definitely impossible. Definitely. Definitely -” She blacked out.

“Gina!” Beth exclaimed and the two girls lunged to catch their friend. They gently lowered her to the ground. Beth shrugged and spoke regretfully.

“Well, I guess maybe a little warning first might have been a good idea after all.”

“Yeah, she -” 

May was cut off by the sound of a buzzer going off. 

“What’s that?” Beth wondered aloud.

“Oh no!” May looked back down the hall in worry. “It’s the doorbell for the Admin entrance. Somebody wants in!”

“What do we do?”

May bit her lip and looked worried. “We can’t pretend we aren’t here. All of our cars are parked right outside.”

“Fuck that! How the hell are we going to explain any of this? If they ask later, we’ll say we were busy and couldn’t hear the buzzer. Maybe we had music on.”

The buzzer stopped. They waited quietly, listening for the sound to come again. 

Beth glanced at May. “Do you think they’re gone?”

“May! May! Are you here?” They froze in terror. 

“That’s Lydia Wentworth!” May hissed in a low voice. “From the Board of Directors!”

“Oh, fuck! We’re half naked and your office has enough cum in it to bathe a horse. She’ll know exactly what we’ve been doing. We’re screwed!” Beth put her face in her hands.


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