Land of Erotic Halloween

A dark world, with a darkly erotic nature. Where floorboards creak and doors squeak and ghostly things go bump and hump in the night. Batwings flutter through cobwebbed rafters while chains rattle over screams of pleasure and pain and the crack of whips.

Terrible scourges filled with terrible urges long to ravish your body. The creepy fiends who feast on flesh are filled with fantastical desire. Beware and be afraid, for they lurk behind every corner and in each black shadow. Their eyes watch for your unwilling appearance, and the sexual feast you will provide.

Demonic creatures cackle in the Unending Night, addicted to the pleasure of your fright. Black cats hiss and scratch and purr when plowed. Sexy witches bewitch whichever poor human is unfortunate to come upon them during the witching hour, their spells ever so intoxicating, their lusts lascivious.

Cold vampish vampires in leather and blood and wolfish weres with claws and ferocious hunger prowl for their next victim. Voluptuous, sumptuous, sensual succubi want to suck and drain you of all your fluids. The dead refuse to stay buried, but remain stiff.

Dungeons and dark forests, haunted mansions and merciless hells. Goblins, ghouls and monsters of all kinds call this realm home. It is the home of evil, the playground of virile villains and slutty seductresses. Should you so foolishly dare venture into this naughty dark place, a host of demons await: The Pumpkin King; the Headless Horseman; the Sinister Siren; Wickedly Wet Witch; the Lord of Bones; the Grim Ghost; Lady Carmilla and many more.

Look around yourself now and take heed. When the summer fades and the leaves turn golden and brown on the branch, as a crisp bite appears in the air, All Hallow’s Eve approaches. As it does, the boundaries between our world and this weaken. The denizens of that freakish world may find their way into ours. And, if you are unlucky and sinful enough, you may find yourself wandering lost and alone there, in…

The Land of Erotic Halloween.

The Pumpkin Patch

When the time of Halloween approaches, the boarder between our world and the Land of Halloween grows thinner and thinner. It becomes far easier for the ghastly, horrible, fearsome creatures of that realm to cross onto Earth. And it’s even possible for us to cross into their land.

Haruna and Kelli decide to walk through an old abandoned pumpkin patch for some Halloween fun and scare. But a mysterious fog rolls up and suddenly the girls find themselves in a whole new world. The pumpkins are suddenly bigger – and alive! And when the girls stir up a ruckus, that’s when the almighty lord and master of the patch arrives. The Pumpkin King! But each girl reacts very differently to his arrival. Kelli’s rude and defiant behaviour leads to her punishment. But Haruna is a different girl, wiser and kinder. How will the king react to her?


“I could have you punished.”

“Well, I suppose you could.” she agreed quite reasonably. “You look like you could do anything you wanted. Ignorance of the law may not be an excuse for breaking it, but in all fairness, I don’t think I’m…on Earth anymore?” She looked around and gestured at the unfamiliar landscape. “Maybe I’m kind of an unexpected traveller and there are extenuating circumstances here?”

“Then perhaps the punishment shall be light.” The Pumpkin King strode forward, his long legs carrying him easily around the jack-o-lanterns until he was before her.

Haruna stood her ground, mastering her fear. She looked up into his fiery eyes, now quieted into orange-yellow.

The pair stood there a long moment, regarding each other. Below, a lady lantern shot a questioning look at the pumpkin next her. Her friend shrugged helplessly and they both returned to watching the drama before them.

Haruna ventured to break the silence. She met his gaze and lifted one eyebrow. “Will my lord tell me exactly how he plans to… punish… me?”

He gave her a half smile in return. “Your lord is currently thinking very hard about all kinds of ways to…punish you.”

“Well, I hope he comes up with something particularly – imaginative.”

He suddenly stepped closer, their faces almost touching. “I think it’s safe to say that his imagination is running pretty wild right now.”

A blend of fear and thrill of excitement coursed just as wildly through Haruna’s veins. Her pulse hammered in her wrists and her heart felt ready to explode. She knew she was in a risky position right now, and the desire to play dangerously took hold. “I love getting wild too. But I don’t always play safe.”

“Well then, in such cases, you might have to be tied up.”

“I’ve heard of punishments like that. Sounds…kinky.” Haruna’s heart pounded and she imagined that she could hear his doing the same (if he had a heart, which she wasn’t sure of yet). She was playing a deadly game, but something about him was so intoxicating. Despite the pumpkin head, the jack-o-lantern face, the orange skin and the lethality of what he was, she found him very manly. And very attractive. And despite how crazy this entire night had been so far, she felt no desire to question her feelings. “I’m ready for my punishment whenever you are, my lord.” she breathed softly.

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