Jessica: Capturing Becky (and Capturing Becky, Her Sister [taboo version])



Jessica is in the (evil? horny? brilliant?) clutches of Jackson, a man on the move. All thanks to his secret mind control and body transformation techniques. He’s further placing Jessica under his spell and has an all new target: her younger sister/best friend. A virgin. The eighteen year old gymnast is all kinds of cute, and when he bends her to his will, she becomes all kinds of kinky. A true M-girl. The master is adding to his slave collection.

Contains very graphic and fun and sexy descriptions of adult-only situations such as: mind control, body change, lesbian, straight, virgin, S&M.

Also read part one, Jessica: The New Porn Recruit.

Genre: Mind Control, body transformation, lesbian, straight, male domination

Erotica. Approx 12,000 words.

Taboo Version

Jessica Capturing Becky, Her SisterThe original version of this story is the taboo version, only available on Smashwords. Jessica helps her master capture Becky, who is Jessica’s sister.

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Regular Version

Jessica Capturing BeckyIn the censored version, Becky is Jessica’s younger best friend, an old family friend she grew up with.

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