Hot Night

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When she arrived at the room, she knocked at the door. He answered it immediately and stepped aside, ushering her in. Once inside, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her, their tongues dancing with each other. Their hands roamed over one another’s bodies, exploring everything.

She traced her hand softly over his jaw, her fingers featherlike against his skin. As their kiss ignited their passions, she clutched at him, her hands moving over his arms and back. She pulled him into her, wanting to feel his body against hers. But she forced herself to slow down. Teasing him would drive him wild, and that would fuel her own passion.

Backing him gently to the bed she told him in a soft voice, “Sit, baby.” Slowly she backed away from him, her eyes locked with his. Stopping a couple of meters away from him, she reached down to take hold of the edge of her shirt. Pulling it slowly over her head, her hair fell softly around her shoulders

Next she unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down. Moving her hands to her hips, she pushed the jeans down her legs until she could step out of them. With her foot, she gently kicked them away from her body.

Standing before him now in a black and purple lace bra and black lace panties, she watched him, her eyes never leaving his face as he watched every move she made.  Smiling at him, she reached back behind her back to unhook her bra. Sliding the straps down over her shoulders and down her arms, she let the bra drop to the floor. The cool air caused her nipples to harden.

Next, she slid the black panties down, just barely exposing the top of her dark bush.  Looking at him, she smiled, and then ran her tongue over her lips, before sliding the panties the rest of the way down her legs. She kicked them aside to join her other clothes.

She crossed the distance between them and stood in front of him, reaching down to touch his face. She caressed his face softly, and then let her hand drop to the underside of his chin. Tipping his face up toward her, she bent slightly and kissed his lips.

As the kisses ended, he stood up. Reaching out, she lifted his shirt over his head, and leaned in to kiss the center of his chest. Her tongue slid out and she tasted his skin. Her silky tongue slid over him to his nipple, which she quickly sucked into her mouth. Her hands sliding like liquid over his shoulders, down his back until they finally resting on his hips. Soon, they arrived at the front of his jeans, working at his zipper. Carefully she slid the zipper down over his already hardening cock.

Sliding the jeans down over his hips, her tongue slid down over his chest to his stomach, caressing him. As his jeans slid to the floor around his feet, she knelt in front of him. Silky soft hands glided up and down the calves of his legs. Her warm breath tickled his lower stomach just before her tongue flicked across it. A soft moan came from above as he waited for her next move.

Getting to her feet, she pushed him back  onto the bed. Before stepping away from him again, she brushed her lips against his, her tongue darting out to run along his lower lip. He watched intently as she slid her hands up to cup her full breasts. Pushing them together, she squeezed and kneaded them until the nipples hardened. Her right hand then slid up over her tit toward her mouth. She inserted her middle finger in her mouth, wetting it, then slid it down over her body, down her stomach and finally across the dark, triangular patch of hair that covered her pussy.

She shifted her feet slightly, opening her legs. Slipping her finger into the dark mat of pussy hair, she moved it back and forth over her clit as she watched his face.


He wanted to be the one touching her and he knew that he soon would be. But first, he would tease her just as she was teasing him. Rising off the bed, he came to her and gathered her in his arms. Kissing her hard on the mouth, his cock throbbed against her stomach.

Before she’d arrived, he had set a straight-backed chair in the corner of the room. Now, he took hold of her hand and led her to the chair. “Sit,” he commanded her gently.

She sat, legs parted, the inside of her pussy exposed slightly, the pink inside glistening wetly. Her body arched, tits jutting upward. He reached out and tweaked her nipple, causing a gasp.

Stepping around behind the chair, his hands touched her shoulders and slid gently down the front of her chest.  Bending slightly, he reached down to cup her breasts.  The slight warmth of his breath fluttered against her neck, seconds before his lips touched her. His mouth lingered at the point between her neck and shoulder, where he knew she was most sensitive.

Pulling her long, dark hair to one side, his tongue traced lines from the top of her neck down to her shoulders. Her body quivered in anticipation as his tongue caressed her. His hands slid down over her stomach. Slipping his hand between her legs, he touched her pussy.

Turning her head slightly, she kissed his neck and cheek as he explored her. First caressing her clitoris with his fingers, he then gently slipped a finger into her wetness, burying it in her sweet tunnel. Her breath came in excited little hitches now. When he felt her cum, he withdrew his finger from her and placed it on his lips. Taking it in his mouth, he sucked at it.

He moved around in front of her, running his hand down over her body again. Stepping between her parted legs, he knelt down between them. He parted the lips of her pussy with his hands, revealing move of her moist, hot cunt. Running his thumb over her clit a few times feeling it harden, it blossomed out of her folds.


She watched in anticipation as his head dipped down between her thighs. As his hands spread her, his tongue passed over her clit, a low moan built in her throat. Suddenly, he sucked hard on her, running his tongue back and forth over her gorged clit. Shivering in pleasure, she tried to arch into his face and found herself held into position, helpless.

Wrapping his hands around her ass, he buried his face in the warmth of her pussy. Her warm juices coating his lips and tongue, she tried to push herself closer to the source of her pleasure.  “Please, baby,” she begged in a whisper. “The bed.”

He reached up to take her by the hand. Helping her to stand, he led her to the queen-sized bed and they lay across it. She caressed him, feeling the lines and curves of his muscles. She touched every part of him, her hands feeling cool against his hot skin. Fingers curled into the crack of his ass and she squeezed the thick, delicious muscle.

He rolled over onto his side, facing her and pulled her close to him. She rested her head against the hollow of his shoulder and they explored each other with their hands. They caressed and held each other, planting tender kisses on one another. She felt his warm lips moved over her face, kissing her forehead, her eyes and her cheeks. Then his lips found her neck and began kissing the area between her neck and shoulders. Shivers of anticipation ran over her, and she reflexively dug her nails into his shoulder.

His hands found her breasts and she was glad, for they were desperate for attention. Then he moved away and she felt a twinge of impatience. Then she mentally grinned, enjoying the play. She not knowing what move he would make next. The suspense kept her riding emotional and physical highs and lows. Every time he moved away from her nipples or her clot, she craved his attention even more.

Sliding his body lower, he began to lick first one of her breasts and then the other. Hands sliding slowly down over her stomach, his index finger dipped into her belly-button, then back out to continue down. He lay his hand flat over her pussy, allowing his palm to slide up and down over the dark patch of curls between her thighs. The hair was damp, her musky smell filling the room.

Shifting his body around, he got between her outstretched legs and she widened them instinctively to welcome him. Taking one of the pillows from the bed, he placed it under her ass, then gently bent her legs. Lying on his stomach, he positioned himself between her legs and his fingers gently spread the lips of her pussy. His tongue venturing out and slipping into the folds, running along the inner edges of her lips. She closed her eyes and moaned, loving the feel of his tongue on her most intimate place. Working his way to the top of her lips, he let his tongue trail down over her clit, searching for the hard, small bud. Once he had it between his teeth, he nipped it playfully and thighs quivered against his shoulders as she shuddered from the intensity of it.

She felt his hand on her thigh, then he probed her wet slit and slipped his finger deep into her. Still sucking at her clit, he pumped his finger in and out of her. Her muscled unclenched reflexively around the digit as it passed over her g-spot and her fingers clawed the sheets, mind going blank except for the ungodly pleasure below. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she came, her sexual energy reaching a boiling point. It twisted and coiled and stretched taut. Almost there. He suddenly pulled his finger from her and sucked hard on her clit. She came hard, waves of released energy crashing through her body.

It wasn’t until moments later that she felt his tongue darting in and out of her hot slit, tasting the sweet flood of her juices. Thankfully, he mostly stayed away from her sensitive bud, allowing her to slowly come down.

Gently pushing him off of her, she rose and got onto her knees. Turning away from him on all fours, she thrust her ass in the air, looked back over her shoulder at him, and gave him her best ‘come hither’, seductive stare. Looking into her dark eyes, he couldn’t possibly miss her lust for him, misunderstand exactly how she wanted to be treated right now.

He grinned at her and jumped up behind her. Gently, but firmly he pushed her head down into the bed. Grasping her hips, he positioned himself between her thighs and guided his cock toward her. As he entered, she struggled to keep her eye open because it was so erotic watching his cock invade her like this, but after a couple of hard thrusts, her lids fell and she gave in to the new wave of feelings being drilled into her from behind. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips and he pumped hard and deep, coming almost completely out of her before thrusting back into her again.

“Harder, baby!” she cried, as she pushed her ass back into him, wanting him as deep as possible, wanting him in her womb, wanting his seed inside her.

His speed increased. He slapped her ass once, twice, a third time. She growled. Seconds before he came, he grabbed her hair and jerked her head back, burying himself in her. Feeling his orgasm hit, hearing his exhalation of intense joy, she went over the edge, fireworks blasting her brain and her body losing all muscle control.

As they regained themselves, she felt him inside and clenched his cock, milking it. Wanting to feel his reaction. She was rewarded with a ragged moan. She did it again and felt him shudder. After a few more, his softening cock finally slipped out of her.

She flattened her body against the bed, and as their ragged breathing began to slow, he lay down beside her, slipping his arm around her and pulling her body in close. Curling onto her side, she snuggled in next to him, their bodies fitting together like two spoons. He planted small kisses over her back and neck until they fell into an exhausted, but satisfied sleep.

* * *

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