Happy Curse Of The Huli Jing

Happy Curse of the Huli Jing

Drew’s off to a meeting in another city. He’ll be gone for days. Why not get a little goodbye present for his beautiful, sexy wife before he goes? Adventuring into China Town for something exotic, he comes across something magical that totally blows him away. The Huli Jing Toy. He must have it at any cost! But when his wife, Erin, opens the gift, she’s more than a little disappointed. It’s exactly the kind of thing she does not want.

Despite her objections, after only a day, she’s tempted. She takes the toy out and experiences an unexpected pleasure. But then she finds the verbal commands and discovers this magical device is really something special.

Erotica: Masturbation, sex toy, magic, lesbian, romance
Approx 5600 words

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He passed an alley and happened to glance down it. The alley was short and clean (for China Town) and a large green sign with an arrow and Chinese lettering pointed down. Drew noticed a stairwell open up into the basement of the building. His curiosity led him down the alley. He didn’t know what the place would be; it was an unfortunate truth that few Asian immigrants here put English lettering on any of their signs. From the top of the stairs, Drew was able to see into the store and saw the type of place he was looking to find. Excited he’d found a place still open, he headed down the stairs.

The place was dimly lit by florescent lights. Several were burnt out and the room was shadowy. The store wasn’t large but the merchandise didn’t look entirely without charm. Drew laughed quietly to himself as he realized he was in a Chinese sex shop.

Drew’s laughter caught the attention of the old man sitting behind the counter. He was a suitably wizened-looking man, very aged and wrinkled, with long, flowing grey hair. “Can I hep you?” the proprietor rasped with an accent.

“Just looking around.” Drew replied. The old man nodded and went back to reading a dusty book, smoking pipe in his teeth.

Drew wandered around the shelves. The books were in Chinese and he couldn’t read any of them, though many of the pictures left nothing to the imagination. He couldn’t help flipping through a few. Unfortunately, he was forced to discard the idea of them as a gift as his wife wouldn’t understand them very well.

There were hundreds of little bottles of herbs and dried this and that. Potency, fertility, aggression, tranquility. They all boasted translated signs claiming to help with one or the other. Some of the substances looked downright erie, and most smelled worse. Though he couldn’t read the labels, Drew knew that half of the contents were, regrettably, probably the dried remnants of endangered animals and exotic plants. He shook his head. The rarer something was, the more the Chinese seemed to think it would help them fuck their women. And it was pushing more than a few species to the brink of extinction.

On a dark shelf there were absurdly shaped sheaths for the penis that looked painful. A corner featured modern, brand new costumes, a few S&M playthings, and many toys. Drew stopped at the dildoes and idly toyed with the idea of getting one for his wife. He’d suggested it in good humor to his wife before, but she had flatly refused. She’d stated that quite simply his was the only thing that she’d ever stick between her legs. Subject closed. It wasn’t that she was a conservative girl; she was voracious in bed. But anything remotely kinky quickly embarrassed her, and the idea of her husband getting her something kinky thoroughly turned her red.

“You like?”

Drew looked up. He had stopped right next to the register. The old man was watching him. Pipe smoke drifted between them.

“Uhh, just looking around. I don’t think my wife’s really into this stuff.” Drew said regretfully. He shrugged his shoulders and stepped away from the display.

“I give you good deal. Buy three for the price of two.” The old man called to Drew as he moved on past the register to the last isle of merchandise.

“No thanks. I’ll just look around for other stuff.”

“Come on, half price. Two for one. Good deal. You like?” The old man grabbed a couple of dildos and held them up. Drew couldn’t help but smile at the bony hands wrapped around the shafts. He waved the old man off. A few minutes later he was stepping up to the door to leave.

“Wait.” the old man urged. “You come here. I show you something very special.”

Drew paused and looked back. The old man gestured to him, asking him to come to him. He debated for a few minutes, thinking the shopkeeper was sure to scheme him into something worthless. Still, maybe the old guy would offer him a genuine bargain on something. It was worth hearing what he had to say. Drew approached the counter again.

The old man shuffled into the back behind a curtain, repeatedly glancing back to see if Drew was still there. Drew leaned pointedly on the counter to reassure the man that he wasn’t going anywhere and smiled. The old man nodded a few times and disappeared. He returned quickly, delighted that Drew was still there. Drew grinned at the gape tooth smile before him.

“You look here.” the old man said. He put a box on the counter. It was very dusty, wooden, and black markings were seared into the sides. Drew studied the markings. He could make nothing of them.

“It made using ancient Chinese black magic and lucky white magic together. Very powerful. You look.”

The old man slid the lid off the box. It opened just like a wooden whiskey box. Inside was a rather large white ivory rod. Drew instantly recognized it as another version of the ones on the shelves next to him. It was an ivory dildo. And quite a bit bigger than he was. His first reaction was skepticism, but the old man was pointing at the engravings on the shaft.

“Look, see. Very powerful magic here. Old old. Made it myself. Fifty-three yeas ago. See writing. It bring lots of pleasure. Many good times. Last one left. All others sold. No complaints ever. All happy all time.”

“What’s so special about it?”

“It make woman very happy. Make her moan long time. You command. See? – Huli Jing stand up.”

Drew was astonished as the dildo actually lifted up and stood on its base end, the rounded tip pointed at the ceiling.

“Huli Jing fuck dummy woman.”

The dildo levitated into the air, bringing with it Drew’s eyebrows. It sailed across the room and made a bee-line for a blow up doll in the corner. The two men watched as it penetrated the replica vagina. It went slow at first but gradually built up speed as the old Chinese man encouraged it. It soon became so furious that the doll burst apart with a bang. The dildo hummed alone in the air until commanded back to its home.

“How much?” were Drew’s first words. The old man grinned, knowing he had his customer hooked.



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