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He watched her enter the room with a slight awe. Her eyes peered directly into his with a smoky darkness that hid all kinds of mystery and perhaps excitement. Long black tresses cascaded around her pretty face, past her slender shoulders, graceful neck and the tips whisked ever so gently over the mounds of her breasts. Her lips were full and twisted in a small, wry smile.

She wore a nearly transparent white satin negligee that contrasted sharply with her raven hair. The cloth dipped dangerously between her breasts, giving him a voluptuous view. The bottom of the negligee swished enticingly around the silken legs that bore this sensational creature into the room.

Each dainty hand had curled its slim fingers around a glass of wine, cool beads of moisture glistening on the clear glass. Her nails were daubed a vivid shade of red that appeared darker next to the white wine. His eyes traveled leisurely down the full bodice, the narrow waist, curved buttocks just visible at the edge of the negligee, over the lightly toned legs, past elegant calves to a pair of petit ankles and bare feet, which bore a similar shade on the nails as her fingers.

The light of the fire bathed the room in a warm glow, and in it she exuded sensuality. Her creamy skin caught the light of the flames and toyed with them, as if her skin itself were on fire. Her cheeks engaged a rosy hue. Her eyes sparkled with devilish merriment.

He reached up and took his glass as she offered it. The room had become very warm to him and he tossed a mouthful of the wine back with hardly a taste. Her lips split slyly, glad to see her charms were rewarding her with his rising ardor. She turned her back to him, placing herself between him and the light of the hearth. The negligee seemed to vaporized around her, her naked body silhouetted beneath, every curve standing out in detail. He watched as she bent down to sit, the negligee riding up, her buttocks tightening splendidly before him, for a brief moment almost everything was revealed. Then she was on his lap.

Long bare legs crossed demurely before her, she sat back into the plush couch and his arm. He grinned as she watched him and took her own sip from the wine. He appraised her swelled breasts, how the nipples seemed to hold her clothing up as it hung from those prominent points. He took another drink, more slowly this time, though just as large. Placing the wine on the table next to him, he promptly forgot about it.

With his arm behind her, he pulled her a little closer. His free hand reached out and slid around the breast nearest him. The satin felt cool and as flawless as the orb beneath. The material bunched between his fingers as he squeezed and caressed the breast.

She tilted her head back and downed her half glass. The liquid coursed through her and in minutes heightened the fire in her veins. She too forgot the glass on the table. She watched him, so intent on the breast she was yielding him. She could feel his strong fingers grope her, knowing he was doing his best to be gentle, but loving that she could feel his strength naturally through the caresses. Her lips parted and her breath drew a little deeper than a moment ago.

He removed his gaze from where his hand remained, and looked up into her waiting eyes. The smokiness seemed to reach out with tendrils of seduction and pull him within. He spent the next several minutes lost in her eyes, so much that his hand relaxed and remained holding the breast without motion.

She searched his eyes as much as his did in return. They were a greenish blue, with gold flecks dancing about them. They seemed so clear, so bright, that they lanced through her and seemed to divulge her deepest secrets. The intensity of his gaze elated her, they looked at her as if she were the only thing in the world worth seeing. The longer the pair starred, the quicker her pulse went.

At last e seemed to find something in his searching. He smiled lightly and bent down to kiss her. He loved to ravish her supple lips, to mash them with his own and crush them with passion as if they were rose petals. This time he did not.

She delighted in his gentle touch, feeling his lower lip just a little fuller than the upper, noticing that he held his breath long before their lips met.

Their eyes closed as the kiss went on; soon tongues came into play. His hand came to life again. This time it traveled across the valley of her chest and up the other mound. Her hand reached up to his elbow and encouraged him to feel her. Thor was torn for a moment inside, so wonderful did the breast feel in his touch, yet so too was her kiss, that he wished desperately that he could pour his attention more soundly into both activities.

Her legs uncrossed and one slid down so that the sexy duo parted. This quickly caught his attention. Just as the nipple were beginning to rise under his ministrations, his fingers trailed away. She longingly felt them leave until a new sensation of pleasure arose as he guided his hand along her waist, over her well curved hips to the thigh that was more silky to feel than the satin negligee.  How he reveled in her legs. How much he loved having them wrap around and entangle him. They were long and sleek, the arch of her knees graceful, the curve of her calves and ankles supple and lissome. He loved them because the supported such a beautiful creature, because they very often led him to the majesty of her posterior, and because they were the gates to his garden of paradise.

Feeling the thigh in his grip, his hands moved slowly up and down the leg. The massage heated her skin and soothed her until she felt the urge to let his hands roam her entire body, every crevice. She broke the hold each held on the other’s lips, desperate for a deep breath. Her head fell back and her chest swelled with air. He could not bear to wait for her return, his lips eagerly set upon her neck. Up and down he went, nibbling once on the joint to her collarbone. She felt his breath hot on her sensitive skin, rising until it trickled past her ear. His tongue darted out and took her earlobe into his mouth and he sucked upon it. She hummed in pleasure and gave a little gasp as he nipped her twice, receding languidly into his embrace as he soothed the lobe with another suck, before leading again down to her shoulders.

Her hands rested on his wide, solid shoulders and she watched as he slid the straps of her night dress down around her arms. He let the material fall and was rewarded with a pair of breasts that were as fresh and ripe for attention as the first time he saw them. They stood out proudly, nipples slightly dark and puffy. The magnificent orbs almost leaped into his hands and he quickly received them. No sooner had he both in his grasp but he needed a nipple between his lips.

The first mulberry he tasted was sweet. She moaned but could not take her eyes off him as he sucked upon her. His moist attention soothed the nipple yet excited her even further. She brought a hand up behind his head and pulled him closer. He felt the breast press to his face and flicked the nipple with his tongue.

He gave the first breast great attention and stayed there for several minutes. Then she felt that the other was neglected enough and pushed his head to the twin. He gladly complied. After more minutes passed she could feel her passion rising considerably, her need for more increasing. Women are like the fire that burned brightly in the hearth only a few feet away. The more you feed them, the hotter they burn.

He sensed her feeling, her breath now coming in deep draughts. Taking the folds of the negligee in his fingers, he pulled it down her belly and hips, over her legs and off. All her naked splendor was revealed. He felt the need to leave off his sucking and admire such beauty. She would have little enough of that, though it thrilled her to be so vulnerable to this man, to have his attention focused so completely on her alone. She let him watch for but a moment before, with a pouty lip and whimper, she begged him to continue.

He slid her off his lap and let her rest in the couch alone. He stood and rid himself of his clothes. His muscled body caused her to bite her lower lip and visually drink his form in. Her gaze quickly became hungry. It was very obvious that he was hungry for her.

He knelt between her parted knees and wished to feel her legs capture him, dangle about his shoulders, her flawless skin sliding over his own. He took a leg in each hand and brought it to his face, feeling the softness on his freshly shaven jaws. His hands let the thighs rest on him and slid quickly down to her buttocks. He could not make himself be gentle with those half moons, no matter how much he promised himself beforehand. Once in his grip, he squeezed and plied the firm flesh with abandon. As he did so, his head bowed down and he trailed light kisses on the tender inner thighs until he reached her most intimate place.

The smell of her arousal at once tickled his nose and intoxicated him. The soft folds were by now quite moist and begged his attention with their swollen labia. His tongue virtually leaped out at the slit, desperate to taste her, to feel her. Her inner lips parted at the tongue’s demands and welcomed him inside. His lips kissed and touched every part of her there. The tongue swirled and played and danced around the clitoris.

After only a half minute of this, she slid down in the couch and her eyes closed. She writhed and squirmed under the attention. Her own hands ran through her hair, along her body and settled on her breasts. As he teased and sucked and brought a sweet frustration and energy to her, she massaged her breasts and tugged her nipples to accent the pleasure. Moans hummed out of her, every so often a gasp as he bore down on her sensitive clit. She lost herself in the pleasure he gave her, let herself drift as his mouth worked on her, her legs alternately parting wide to let him in closer, then closing and squeezing his head tightly to her.

After a long while, which to her passed in only an instant, a quickening eclipsed her. In a sudden and almost unexpected burst of pleasure, her eyes squeezed shut tightly, her mouth dropped open and emitted a hoarse cry. He continued to massage her clit and her juices bathed his face. He licked her sweet nectar, the effort triggering another orgasm on the trailing waves of the first.

He backed off as she rode down the last of the orgasm. Wiping his face he cupped her with one hand, feeling the heat of her strongly. Like fresh logs causing a fire to flare up, she opened her eyes with fresh lust. She saw him between her and hungrily pulled him up to her. She mashed his face to hers and kissed him hard. He was only too willing to oblige. Her arms enveloped him and pressed him close. He gathered her up himself. He sat down beside her and brought her onto his lap. She felt his manhood press into her buttocks. It was hard and warm. She was very pleased that at last she was able to get her hands on the shaft. She reached below her, still firmly entrenched in kisses, and freed the tool from beneath her.

She stroked its length and rigidity, felt the drop of pre-cum bead on the tip. She satisfied herself for a minute or two that it was at last in her hands and mastery, hers to do with as she pleased. Though she sought often to have it under her beck and call, her particular wont now was to feel it buried within her. Rocking to one side she slid it under her.

As eager as she, he turned her so that her back was pressed up against his chest. His shaft protruded from between her legs as he separated them with his own. With one hand he reached around her in a half embrace and teased her slit with himself. His other hand cupped her breast and encircled the nipple. As he teased her below, he enticed her above. His mouth sought out her neck with kisses.

She let herself be toyed with for a short time, momentarily distracted by the proximity of her desire. She soon needed more, however, and a hand reached down to grasp him and guide him to her. He obliged and, putting both hands under her bottom, lifted her. She guided the tip of him to her opening and felt it pop inside. A shiver shot up her spine as she stretched to encompass him. Pushing his hands away she let herself become impaled upon him.

The shaft drove deep within her as she was already very wet. She remained motionless and let her body feel him inside. Her inner muscles tightened about him and he felt his own shiver of pleasure. The feeling of her around him with those tight lips was fantastic. He could feel her inner walls slide past on that first entry, the slap of their skin as they met. This was where he felt he belonged, he wished, as he did every time he was here, that he could remain indefinitely.

She bought her legs up to the couch and tucked them beneath her, alongside his seated form. She had to lean forward slightly to balance herself on his knees. Then she lifted herself up. The rod slid out of her, leaving an empty tunnel behind. Before she let it vacate her, she plunged herself back down. Her buttocks slapped his thighs and he groaned in gratification.

She repeated herself and bounced on his thick manhood. Her breasts tossed wildly as she gained momentum and energy. Her silky black hair flew everywhere as she pleasured herself harder and faster on him. It was all he could do to grip her calves and enjoy the ride.

She felt him slide in and out, a rush of pleasure rising anew each time. Her first orgasm atop him came rather swiftly after the last two. She hardly slowed, however. Desperate to continue that wonderful sensation, she ground her clit against him and bounced up and down with even greater exertion. He was amazed and joyed at the feel and sight of her riding him thusly. Another orgasm built and exploded from within her and she rode it out frantically. As it passed, she collapsed back upon his chest.

Knowing that she was sensitive, he cupped her breasts gently, taking care only to circle the nipple for a few moments. He let his lover recover, then eased her down to the couch next to him. He regretfully had to extract himself in the process, but quickly gathered her before him. They positioned themselves fully on the couch now, she on her knees and hands, he kneeling behind.

He placed himself at her entrance and slid in once again. His hands roamed over her backside as he enjoyed being inside her. Her dark rose winked at him and he teased it with a finger.

Taking her hips in hand he pushed her away, then brought her back with a smack. He started out slowly, meeting her with a thrust of his own. Her back arched and with her butt high in the air, he felt deeper than ever before. As he continued to thrust, she began to growl and emit raw sounds of passion. Her hands stretched before her, meeting the arm of the couch and pushing herself back on the cock pistoning her.

She became more and more vocal, her cries ringing throughout the room. He could feel the rush building inside him. When it was near becoming out of control he slowed but she begged him to continue. After brief breath he resumed, not wanting to stop, yet so eager to reach climax.

His thrusts became faster, his breath as ragged as hers. She was positively a ball of furious lust, raging backwards under his pounding. Suddenly he was spilling his hot seed inside her. He grunted at the overwhelming sensation and she replied with her most vocal orgasm yet as the semen surged within her, filling her. The sensation of his heat triggered her most powerful climax, lights bursting throughout her mind, her entire body electrified.

He tried valiantly to continue, but was at last spent, forced to stop. He lay down next to his love and they remained silent but for a light kiss. He eventually felt himself slide out of her. She felt his seed ooze from her and trickle down her skin. They lay for a while but she soon rallied, not through yet.

She brought herself up and took his shaft in hand. Its limpness was a personal challenge. Sticky with their love-making, she knelt before the object and bent down to place it in her mouth. As her lips closed around him and he felt her tongue caress him, he felt greatly soothed. He lay there enthralled by her attentions, excited by her act. In a few minutes he was hardening again. She felt encouraged the moment it began to strengthen. She redoubled her efforts, sliding the head of his rod between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, careful not to grate her teeth on the sensitive skin.

Sliding her tongue around the shaft, licking the head profusely, she was rewarded with a stiff member once again. She became more focuses on her actions, suck him intently, determined to make him spill his seed in her mouth.

He found himself almost unable to stop her. He greatly enjoyed the skill of his lover, and always loved when he shot himself into her mouth. He imagined her mouth filling with his semen and swallowing it as her tongue brought him indescribable pleasure, invariably tasting his cum, and he was very excited by the thoughts.

He felt himself nearing climax, and desperately sought the need which she was bringing forth in him. His orgasm surged forth and he cried out. The heady feeling only intensified as she continued to ravage him mercilessly. She let the shaft extend deep into her throat until there was no more left to take. His seed filled her and she was forced to swallow quickly. She heard his rare vocality, and enjoyed the hand that dug into her bottom as he lost himself to her pleasuring. She reveled greatly in knowing that he was but her toy in her mouth, his seed hers to command.

When he stopped trembling at her tiniest motions and receded, near exhausted, she at last let him go. They curled with each other, her head on his chest and took a long rest. He knew well, however, the effect sucking him off had on her. The act turned her on. He knew she was only lying there like smoldering embers, ready to light up again in a moment.

He played his fingers over the back of her neck, massaging her, feeling the silky hair. He slid down alongside her and wrapped his arms around her. He nuzzled her neck and gave her a few kisses. She surrendered to his touches and let him caress her body. She was much slower to respond than earlier that evening, but he was persistent and unhurried. Gradually she became alert again and reached her own hand down to play with herself. He let her idle there for a while. When he slid his body between her legs and upward so that their hips met, she was delightfully surprised to find him hard a third time.

He could feel her still dripping with his semen and pushed onward. She opened up very easily for him. Her legs spread wide and her arms encircled him, pulling him close. He buried his face in her neck and thrust a few inches deeper. With each slow thrust he came a little closer, teasing her with his pace. She soon grew impatient and tugged at him to go faster, whimpering then growling. He obliged with a smile and thrust more rapidly.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed him. He was able to last a very long while. First he kept her face to face with him, then he turned her on her side, one leg beneath him, the other around his waist. He very much enjoyed this position; he was able to get deeper than ever. Her mouth hung open and her eyes grew vacant as he thrust. He watched as her breasts bounced excitedly on her chest. She felt him as deeply as he felt himself in her. She clawed at him with one hand and tried to cling to him for support for she felt on the verge of orgasm yet again.

He swung her leg back around to the other side of him and once again engaged her face to face. He hurried his pace and could feel himself rising inside. She clutched him tightly, her sharp nails digging lines in his back. Her legs wrapped around his back as well and she encouraged him on verbally. He lasted only a minute longer before climaxing.

This time, they were both too weary to continue. Exhausted, but immeasurably satisfied, he collapsed on top of her. He lay there for a long time before gradually rolling aside. She would not let him go and kept him tight to her breasts as the pair drifted off to sleep together.

* * *

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