Erotic Letters


I Dream of You


Blue morning light slides brightly into my room, and I shiver as I wake. Night drifts away but I am, as yet, still beset by ghosts. I lay on my side, my arms are wrapped around the object of my deepest affection, you, a woman so warm and comforting it soothes my soul. But my body lies to me, there is no woman here, only emptiness and despair. I roll over, still halfway between the world of dreams and the world of deceit. You are there in my mind, with your delightful laugh, your shining eyes, your succulent body. Visions of you tumble and play, teasing me to endless distraction. My heart allows no other subject to be dwelled upon, I picture us on a picnic in the woods, fantasize of your silken naked skin and angelic lips.

Chill morning air goes unnoticed as my body begins to burn, consumed by craving, deep longing, unfulfilled desire. I need you. I want you. My entire body is tense, like a coiled spring held too long in check, needing release, needing freedom. My pulse is racing and I’m throbbing hard and hot. Ghostly feelings of your hands, of your mouth and nimble tongue wreaking devastating passion on my cock, of driving deep within the molten confines of your pussy… oh how I groan. My passion for you is unrelenting, yet frustrated at every turn. I want you with every fiber of my being yet I cannot have you. You torture me with waiting, you tease me. What manner of creature are you that you can make me so wild? Come to me, give me yourself. I miss you!

Then I wake and find you lying next to me. It was all a dream, but no longer. I smile hungrily.

You will be mine. I devour you.

Good Morning


I woke this morning after a beautifully deep sleep. My first thought was to put my arm around you because it had fallen away in the night. You awoke yourself and turned around to face me. We pulled each other in close and felt our cheeks meet. My naked form immediately excited from the smell of you, I nuzzled between your neck and shoulder, and you rushed up to fill all my senses.

I couldn’t control myself. My lips parted to taste your skin. I could feel you do the same and a wildness within me became unbound. It surged through everything and a single thought devoured my brain. You became an emotion to me, a blend of joy, and sex, and passion, and desire, and contentment, and completeness, and love.

Feverishly, I began to devour your body. Neck, shoulders, breasts. I never even made it to your lips when my breath became ragged and deep. You are all I could smell, all I could feel, my universe at that moment consisted of just you and me and the bed we lay upon. I needed you so very badly. I rocked my hips into yours and you responded. I could hear you breathing in my ear, a moan escape your lips. I needed you more.

The depths of my passion rose up and washed over us then and I knew greatness. As I lay afterwards, with you below me, slowly regaining my breath and a presence of mind beyond the heaven you took me to, not death himself could have separated us then.

Courting You

My Beauty,

To lust is human; after you – divine. I could expound forever on just how incredibly luscious your body is, how it stirs urges in me so primal all thought not explicitely associated with you departs my mind entirely and my only need is you – but I suppose I’d be no different than all the other men slavering at your doorstep.

I could tell you how little distance means to me and that for you I would crawl on my knees through broken glass the space between us, and how when I got there I would tear your clothes off with my teath and behave like a wild man. But surely you’ve heard this before.

I could tell you how completely adventurous and uninhibited I am, how I wish to wine and dine you for a romantic evening followed by lots of tender foreplay; and then throw you down on the bed and ride each other until one of us collapses. But no doubt that’s implicit in every entreaty that comes your way.

So, to get right to the point, and separate myself from the chaff, in the hopes of winning your affection, I shall say only this:

I have nipple clamps, a paddle and tequila. Shall we?

Thinking of You

My Dear,

I can’t stop thinking about you. Every few hours something triggers the thought of you in my head. I picture us in a club together, the lights dim orange and red, music pounding heavily all around us. We can feel it pulsating through our bodies, the heat rising steadily as we dance. Your body writhes next to mine, clothed scantily in a little pink dress which rides high on your long sexy thighs and really hugs that tight ass. You toss your head and long lustrous hair swirls in front of my face so I can see that mysteriously sexy smile, like you know something I don’t.

I can’t stop my hands from running all over your body, up your legs, over your stomach and teasing the bottom of your breasts. I lean in close, breath cool on your neck, and smell the perfume you wear. You grind yourself into my hips and can feel how excited I am, and smile wider.

When the music changes we head for the bar for a drink, but then detour into a corner of the club. We notice a little nook, where no one else is, so I grab you and pull you into it. We lock lips, and I’m hungry for you. Not even the threat of being exposed can stop me. My hands roam below your dress and take hold of your buttocks, squeezing them firmly. Our tongues dance and you’re getting hot too. Our kisses are getting more frantic, and you’re beginning to moan as one of my hands fondles your breasts, pinching nipples and massaging the soft flesh.

My cock presses hard into your pelvis and you press back. We can’t stop ourselves. Things are moving faster and faster. My hands push your dress up to your hips, and you’re naked underneath. You open my pants, take out my rock hard cock and slip it between your legs. I thrust and it fills your slippery wet pussy. You gasp with pleasure and fall back against the wall. I press up against you, thrusting in and out of you, our breathing getting ragged. You open your eyes for a moment and see the crowd, just around the corner, any second someone could look and see us, then everyone would. Your right leg raises up around my hip as you get pounded in front of hundreds of perfect strangers.

The knowledge excites you even further, so much that your body quakes in orgasm. You continue to ride high as I fuck you. We’re both so turned on it’s crazy. You’re so hot in my arms I can’t hold back and soon I’m cumming inside you.

The heat begins to cool, and nervous thrill sets in. Were we watched, discovered? We step out and the crowd seems to go about its own business. Then we notice a few sideways looks, a sly smile here, a whisper there. Are we imagining things, or does everyone know we just had fantastic sex in the middle of a crowded club?

Mmmm…Doesn’t that sound like fun?

* * *

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