The power of creation…

Want to read a particular kind of story? One created from your ideas?

I am accepting commissions for story ideas!

How it Works

You request a particular kind of story.

I write a story based on your juicy, fun, naughty ideas, as well as my own. I retain full copyright; the story is mine. But you will receive a free copy of the story for your own personal enjoyment. (You cannot sell it or give it away.)

I may make the story available for free to others, I may sell it, I may modifiy it. I may not use it at all. At all times, the story and all rights remain mine. I want to make that clear because nobody likes to fight over things, right?

Subject Matter

As you can see, I write erotica, so most subject matter is fine. Contemporary (real world) or fantasy or sci fi. Romantic, erotic, thrilling. Request whatever you want.

Whatever your kink or fetish, I’m generally happy to explore it: illicit romance or bondage or monster girls, etc.. A romantic story between monster girls involving bondage? Sure! Just about anything is ok.

Please, don’t be shy! And don’t worry, your info will remain strictly confidential between us.

How to Commission a Story

Send me a message here. Include your email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Tell me what kind of story you want: characters, setting, events, kink / fetish. If you want something specific, please be specific. I will fill in the rest.

Likewise, if there’s anything you hate, that you don’t want to see in the story, go ahead and mention that too.

After we’ve agreed on the story details, payment can be made via Paypal.

I will fit the story into my work schedule and provide your free copy when I’m ready.


Planning fee: USD $40 per 10,000 words

Writing: USD $60 per 1000 words.

The planning fee takes into account the time I need to design the story. The longer and more complex the story, the more design needed.

Prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the story produced and the time needed to produce it.


If I write a standard story of 3000 words:

$40 + (3 x $60) = $220

Writing Quality

I am a professional writer with more than 5 years experience. You can see for yourself the quality of my writing by reading stories for free on Wattpad.