At The Office


The sound of voices approaching the otherwise silent boardroom broke their kiss.

“Oh no! The meeting’s about to start!” Summer squealed in panic. She jumped out of Tim’s arms and off the board table.

“I’d better leave.” Tim reluctantly noted. But he only pulled her close and went for another kiss.

Summer let him kiss her, unable and unwanting to resist, then glanced at the door, lips still locked to his. Shadows. Many shadows, growing as they drew neared the frosted windows. “No! They’ll see you.” she quailed. Tim was not supposed to be in the boardroom. Tim, her beloved, handsome, riské boyfriend, had visited from his own offices for lunch. She’d somehow, ok, very easily, allowed him to talk her into a little play time in the boardroom while it was unoccupied and private. Because naughty stuff in the office really turned her on. She couldn’t resist it. Or him. Not that she wanted to resist him. Ever. Only a few minutes of kissing had already gotten her more turned on than she’d planned. She was moist down below. He did that to her so easily. She seemed to be wet for him twenty-four-seven. They had such raging sexual chemistry. She was too weak to ever deny it. Perhaps, in retrospect, that weakness had been foolish. Her boss was obviously going to surmise what she’d been doing in a dark quiet room alone with her boyfriend. The shadows were right outside the door now. “It’s too late to leave!”

Tim shrugged, not really concerned. “Guess I’d better hide then.” He casually glanced around the room.

“What?” How could he be so blasé about this? Summer did a double take as she watched her boyfriend duck under the boardroom table. “Get out of there!”

“Relax.” He replied, voice calm. “It’s a huge, thick wooden table, legs between every place there’s a chair. No-one is going to see me.”

“No! Tim…” Summer clenched her fists, frantically looking between hiding illicit boyfriend and the door about to spill a whole bunch of people into the room.

“Sit.” he told her.



She threw herself into the chair in front of him just as the door opened.

An older man stood at the head of a small group of stern business people; fellow staff and their prospective new client. “Summer? What are you doing in here alone with the lights off?”

“Damn, I love your sexy legs.” Tim whispered from below.

“Um, being eco-friendly.” she gushed, hoping she didn’t look too guilty. She kicked her boyfriend. He grunted. Hopefully she hit him somewhere soft. Well, not somewhere too soft. She would need those later.

“Right.” Her boss looked at her a moment longer, then flicked on the lights.

Summer fervently hoped the sudden brightness wasn’t revealing a blush. Her cheeks felt so hot right now.

Tim whispered again. “So naughty. This really makes me want to eat your cunt, honey.”

Summer gripped the table until her knuckles went white. Please don’t get caught. Please don’t get caught!

People filed in. The meeting got under way.

Summer slowly relaxed. No-one noticed her boyfriend under the table. Everything was going to be ok. She took a few deep breaths. In minutes she was calm enough to join in the discussion.

Something tickled her ankle. Summer twitched. Then it touched her again. Tim’s hand.

He gently caressed her ankle, then up her shin.

Summer pulled her foot away.

He reached forward and pulled it back.

Pressing her lips tight and trying to look natural, she crossed her ankles under her chair. It was a traditionally styled leather thing with sides. Old school, like her boss, but very comfortable. She wondered if her boss was comfortable, if he would feel comfortable, an older man in her pussy – oh! Stop! Dammit, she became such a slut when she got this turned on.

Hands under the table grasped Summer’s knees. They pushed her legs apart.

Summer tried to prevent it but he was too strong and she couldn’t risk giving herself away by fighting him. She uncrossed her legs, then tried to push him away with her feet.

But he had a counter for that. He grabbed her legs. Light kisses ran up her calves.

Summer weakly tried to pull away but felt helpless.

“Summer,” her boss addressed her, “what are the first quarter projections for next year in the Japanese market?” Before Summer could reply, the older man turned to the clients, execs from a Japanese company. “Summer is our expert on the Japanese market. In fact, she’s so excited by the market there that she’s requested a transfer to Osaka. We’re promoting her and she’ll be in charge of our Japanese team there from next year. She’s excellent. I’m sure you’ll be in the best of hands when she arrives.”

In good hands? Like how Summer was in someone’s good, massaging, strong, manly hands right now? The way they ran up her legs as he kissed them? Summer swallowed and put on a confident face. She needed to ace this meeting. Ace it and ensure that she did get that transfer to Japan so that she could be with her boyfriend, Tim. And fuck him like crazy three times a day the way he turned her the hell on – She cleared her throat and gave the first quarter projections.

Thankfully, Tim held off, allowing her to speak comfortably. Only massaging caresses and easy kisses. For a while. Then a finger ran up and down her slit, only thin black panties between his flesh and hers. She knew he felt how wet she was.

Summer concluded her presentation and began replying to followup questions about her analysis.

Tim pushed her knees wider apart.

She felt the warmth of his face on her inner thigh. His breath on her mound. She was soaked. Then he kissed the soft flesh above the side of her knee. Summer stuttered but continued the answer she was in the middle of giving.

Evidently well pleased with Summer’s professional performance, her boss gave a quick nod. “Excellent. Thank you, Summer. Let’s move on.”

The meeting continued in a different direction, taking the focus off Summer and to a slide show.

Hands gripped Summer’s thighs and drew her hips forward, causing her to slide down the chair.

Summer tried not to to squeal and glanced at the staff on either side of her, pretending that she was slouching of her own accord. What the hell was Tim doing? She freaked out in her head. Stop! she mentally shouted.

Tim’s hands heard nothing. They slid up the outside of her thighs. Fingers hooked into the top of her underwear. Ever so slowly, he pulled the black, silk lingerie down.

No no no no! she cried in her head. But she could only go along with her boyfriend’s naughty actions. She wanted to stop him, yet she did nothing as the lacy material slid over her thighs. She felt the thong flow over her legs. Then it was gone. She was completely without underwear. At a meeting with clients! And her boss!

Summer looked down, pretending to adjust a button on her skirt suit. Actually, she was checking to see just how far up her skirt had been pushed and if the man and woman on either side of her would notice. Thankfully, Tim pulled her chair closer, so that her ribs touched the table edge, hiding what was below her breasts. Summer gulped. What was he going to do next? Oh, she knew. She dreaded it, but wanted it. Badly. This was probably the most insane, risky, dangerous, hot and sexy thing they’d ever done!

His finger traced its way around her mound, twirling in the tiny tuft of black hair above her clit. Around and around, then moving to the center of her lips, finding them ready and splitting as easily as petals on a rose. Into her dark, juicy canal, feeling her tight walls squeezing him. He curled and touched her g-spot. Oh yes. No! Yes!

Tim’s finger was joined by a second.

Summer sat with baited breath, waiting. The moment dragged on, but the fingers didn’t move. She had to fight the urge to rock her hips. Her pussy clenched with anticipation.

The fingers moved inside her. In and out.

Summer’s eyelids flickered. She fought to look wide awake and not like someone with a dark energy building up deep within her. She licked her lips, wetting them, but couldn’t close them completely after, needing to breathe. Her body began to relax as the sensations penetrating her below drew more and more of her consciousness. She let her legs fall open as far as the chair would allow, giving Tim total access.

Tim drew his fingers most of the way out.

Summer felt wetness on her anus. Her eyes shot wide as an electric current of adrenalin bolted through her system. No! Not that! Not now!

Tim’s finger pressed into her anus.

Summer squeezed tight. This was wrong. Normally, she absolutely loved it when he played with both holes, but not here. Not now. She fought him. Until his fingers started working her pussy again. Then the pleasure started building up again, and her defenses weakened more quickly than she’d believed possible.

His finger slipped into her ass.

Summer moaned. She quickly covered it up with a cough.

The woman beside Summer turned. She gave her younger colleague a quizzical look and mouthed, You ok?

Summer nodded and brushed her concerns away with a wave.

The woman turned back to the discussion.

Summer melted in her chair. Tim had a finger in her ass and two in her cunt and she was so hot and bothered that she felt her body starting to sweat. She looked around the table, sure that everyone was just pretending not to notice her being finger fucked right in front of all of them. She was such a dirty slut. Letting Tim do this to her, in public! Any second now they were going to notice. They all were. She was going to cum and be unable to stop from screaming out. And they’d all turn and look at her, see the look of lust on Summer’s face and hear the wet sucking sounds coming from between her legs and ass.

Summer felt her orgasm rising even faster at the thought of being discovered. Of all these men seeing her turned on, and then getting turned on themselves. Her uncontrollable lust inspiring their own. A dozen cocks made rock hard as they watched her moan in ecstasy.

Summer came. She gripped the chair handles with all her strength to keep from betraying herself, fighting to control her facial expression and knowing she was failing. Thankfully, no-one was watching her. Summer moaned again, but silently this time.

Tim refused to let up, refused to giver her time to recover. A second finger pushed into her ass, stretching it further. A third went into her cunt.

Her first orgasm still spinning in her mind, the next hit her less than a minute later. It coiled up within her and she fought it hard, fearing it, knowing it was three times the size of the last. But all that did was bottle it up more, increasing the pressure. Her ass felt so good! Her pussy was on fire! The orgasm exploded. Her pussy gushed.

Summer doubled over, coughing to cover her cries of passion, both hands covering her face to hide the fact that they’d turned a deep shade of red. It took an impossibly long moment to get back under control. Dreading being caught at last, she looked up.

The man next to her poured a glass of water from a beaded pitcher on the table. “Here.” he offered, sliding the glass over.

Unable to speak, lips parted to breath more easily, Summer just nodded. For a split second, her eyes locked with his.

Something clicked in his expression. His head quizzically tilted a minute fraction. She could practically see his subconscious at work. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but on a deeper level, below understandable thoughts, his body recognized the signs in her. Her flushed cheeks, her engorged, red lips, her shortness of breath. Her dilated eyes. His body understood that this was a woman in the throws of sexual passion. He swallowed, and when Summer looked away, unable to bear his scrutiny, she caught him out of the corner of her eye, squirming in his chair, adjusting the suddenly and unexpectedly hard penis trapped within the pants of his gray suit.

Summer recognized the man’s animal desire for her, triggered by her carnal lust. She glanced around the table and saw a few other men looking her way. More subtle adjustments in their chairs. One man took a deep breath and looked puzzled for a moment, as if smelling something uncertain. Summer’s heart pounded in her chest, as much from nervousness as orgasm. Her pheramones must be flooding the room at this point. Not to mention the smell of her sex.

Tim’s fingers emerged from her pussy, but not her ass.

Summer blinked, focusing back on what was happening below. What was Tim going to –

Tongue. Pussy. Fuck… Summer’s jaw quivered as she fought to control how absolutely good it felt to have his wet tongue spread over her pussy lips, bathing the fire in them.

The tongue flattened against her sex, then delved inside, licking up all her juices, cleaning her sexual mess, savouring her.

Summer’s body went limp. She knew there was no way she could stand on her own feet at that moment. She felt too damn good. Then he started sucking her already excited clit. The intensity blew her mind, sending her into a daze.

Summer leaned back in her chair, almost not caring any more if she got caught, sure she was losing the fight to remain unnoticed. She picked up the water with a very shaky hand and sipped, then drank heavily, needing the refreshment. The ice cool liquid countered the heat of her loins for a couple of minutes, giving Summer time to get a handle on herself.

More and more men were sending glances her way now. The man next to her moved, catching her attention. She looked out of the corner of her eyes. She saw the tent in his pants twitch. She wondered how big he was hard. How would he feel in her hand right now? In her mouth? Her mouth went dry at the idea. Suddenly she craved it. Craved a cock in her mouth while her boyfriend ate her out.

Pleasure crested below. This time she didn’t resist. The orgasm washed through her. She managed to hold onto herself. She tried to focus on whatever slideshow her boss was talking about. But she kept seeing the looks she was getting around the table. Her face burned with embarrassment even as the attention turned her on.

Tim’s hand crawled up her waist towards her breasts.

Summer quickly reached down to stop him. She quietly gasped as he grabbed her wrist in an iron hold. He drew her hand down her belly. She touched herself.

It was like sticking your hand in a steam bath. She was so wet and so hot! She tried to pull her hand away, but he wouldn’t let her, putting her fingers into her own pussy and holding them there. Summer gave in. She started masturbating.

This was too much. She was done for now. She glanced around the table. Here she was, masturbating for all of them. A dozen men with stiff cocks, though they all had little conscious idea why they were each so horny at the moment. The man beside her could probably see her now. Could probably see what she was doing with her fingers. The way she played with herself. He could probably smell her dripping cunt.

Any second now, Summer knew, that twitching cock would get the better of him. He would stand up, spin her chair around and reveal her. Show the whole room what a naughty, dirty slut she was. Ruin her career. Expose her. Then he’d tear his pants off and throw her over the table and fuck her with wild abandon.

Summer’s eyelids drooped with lust. She could practically feel the man’s cock in her, a strange cock, not her boyfriend’s, fucking her. Then her boss and the clients and the other staff joining in. She’d be laid out right here on the boardroom table while the lot of them had at her. A hard cock thrust in each of Summer’s hands. Another shoved down her throat. A line of men between her legs, fucking her, cumming in her, over and over again. The woman next to her sucking Summer’s tits while she touched herself, overcome with her own primal desire at the sight of Summer being gangbanged. Summer’s boss cumming on Summer’s face. More cum on her tits. More. An ocean of hot, white semen to match the flood of it pooling in her cunt. The semen of a dozen different men in her, on her, tasting it, bathing in it.

Summer came so hard that every muscle in her body froze. Her eyes squeezed shut. Every nerve snapped like a whip. Pure lightning bombarded her brain. It went on forever.

A feminine hand touched Summer’s shoulder.

Summer blinked and tried to snap out of it. She looked up with dazed eyes.

The woman sitting next to her had leaned over. She whispered, “Are you ok? You look sick. Maybe you should go to the bathroom.”

Summer could only nod. With fumbling hands, she ‘straightened’ her skirt, pushed away from the table, and stood up. It was only when she was at the door did she realize that she might have exposed Tim by moving the chair. But her brain wasn’t very good at thinking right then. She exited the room and tottered down the hall on weak legs, body tingling and mind numb.

The bathroom door opened. She was inside the bathroom. Then inside a stall. She collapsed on a toilet.

She sat there, breathing hard, stars in her eyes. After an unknown amount of time, she looked down between her legs. Her skirt had ridden up a little. She raised it higher. Juice all over herself. She palmed her mound, trying to soothe the aching need for cock boring a hole through her soul. After all that foreplay and those terribly dirty fantasies, she desperately needed to be fucked.

So desperately, that she couldn’t fight the rising energy building up just by having her hand on her lower lips. Her fingers moved almost of their own accord. And then she had two fingers inside and masturbated. She moved fast and furiously. Alone at last, she allowed herself a deep groan of satisfaction as she came. But it wasn’t enough. So she fucked her cunt again.

A large group filed past the bathroom. She heard their footsteps dwindling. Then silence.

Summer let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding.

The door opened. Heels clicked on the tile.

Summer caught her breath again.

A dull thunk. The lock in the door?

Summer hastily stood. She flushed to make it sound like she’d used the toilet. Straightening her dress, she exited the stall. And came face to face with the woman who’d been sitting next to her in the meeting, Felicity.

Felicity had a look of pure knowing on her face. Sly lips twisted in an animalistic grin. “I knew it.”

“What?” Summer gasped, frozen in place.

Felicity took her shoulders and forced Summer back up against the tile wall. “You are such a bad little girl. You were playing with yourself at the meeting.”

“What?” Summer tried her best to look indignant and angry. “That’s absurd!”

Felicity reached down and grabbed Summer’s hand, bringing it to Felicity’s lips. Then she popped Summer’s digits between those pink petals.

Summer felt the wetness of the woman’s mouth on her fingers. Then the tongue licking them. But she was too shocked by the suddenness of it to even protest.

Felicity brought the fingers out from between her full lips. “Mmm. You taste so good.”

Summer swallowed. She couldn’t think of anything to say.

Felicity pressed forward. Her hand came to rest on Summer’s thigh. Then it slid up, pulling the skirt up over Summer’s buttock. The hand roamed freely, squeezing and kneading the thick muscle. “No panties. My kind of girl.”

Summer finally got her act together. “Felicity, please. I’m not-” Summer broke off as Felicity’s other hand cupped Summer’s sex.

“Oh? You’re not into girls?” Felicity’s fingers entered Summer. “So you don’t like it if I do this?” Her fingers, able to move completely freely in the already stretched and wet hole, fucked Summer.

Summer tried to resist but somehow felt herself weakening in the knees and tilting her hips into the invading hand. She’d never been with a girl before. And now, of all times! Could this day get any crazier? Summer raised her hands, intending to push Felicity away, but somehow her palms became laid on the other woman’s rather large breasts and got no further. They were rather exciting breasts. Summer wondered what they were like without all this clothing to interfere.

Felicity leaned in.

Summer tried to move her head back, but there was nowhere to go. The woman’s lips, so very, very soft, pillowed onto Summer’s own. Summer felt no will to resist as a foreign, female tongue slid into her mouth. Instinctively, her own tongue replied and together they danced.

Felicity’s hand explored the globe of Summer’s ass, even sliding down the crack and teasing the anus. No doubt she could tell that it was recently used. She probably thought Summer had masturbated there too. She probably thought Summer was such a dirty girl.

Summer’s legs quivered. Was it because she was so turned on by Tim earlier? Because she’d already had so many orgasms? Was it just the friction of someone’s fingers in her pussy? Or was she responding because she really did like girls? Summer’s mind, too fogged by sex to think clearly, wasn’t really interested in protesting. The woman was too aggressive; it felt too good. She wanted to cum again.

Felicity backed off, breaking the kiss, but kept her fingers in Summer. She smiled. Then, using her fingers below, guided Summer towards the sink and counter.

Summer whimpered, taking this break to object. But her heart wasn’t in it. She let the woman back her into the counter and push her onto her back.

Summer only watched, as if she was another person, as Felicity spread Summer’s legs and lowered her face to the wet hole between them. A dim voice in Summer’s mind said this was weird, being eaten out by a woman, but the sensations were every bit as good as with Tim. Summer watched the woman devour the cunt. In only a couple of minutes, Summer threw her head back and came, this time volubly.

Felicity rose. She cleaned her face like a cat, wiping Summer’s juices off her chin with her hand, then licking them up. “Delicious.” With teasing slowness, Felicity reached down with one hand, flicked Summer’s clit a couple of times, then moved further south. “One.”

Summer felt a finger in her pussy.


Summer’s pussy stretched easily to accommodate another digit.


A little tightness, but it disappeared after only a second. Summer’s pussy was willing.


Four! Oh my gosh! This time there was more tightness. Summer’s eyes narrowed as she felt herself being stretched.


“No!” Summer gasped. Then she cried out as the woman fit her entire hand inside Summer’s cunt. Eyes squeezed shut, mouth wide open and panting, Summer felt herself opened impossibly wide. She felt the entire hand fucking her pussy. It was impossible. It was too much. It was too – “Fuuuuck!” Summer cried out, orgasm slamming into her, head first. She collapsed on the counter and lay there, twitching uncontrollably.

Felicity withdrew her hand. She licked it clean. Then she pulled Summer up and locked her into a deep, long kiss. When it finally broke, she looked Summer right in the eyes. “We’re going to do that again, soon.” Then she released Summer with a charming smile, turned, and left the bathroom.

Summer shivered. Again? Her and Felicity? How exactly did she feel about that? Shaky, she stood, cleaned up and tried to compose herself. Some deep breathing and she prepared herself to leave.

There was no sign of Tim in the outer offices. She wondered if he had left or was still in the boardroom. She decided to check, just in case. Then sneak him the hell out of here.

She strode down the hall in a wild flux of emotion. She was crazily turned on, mind blown by being taken by a woman, craving cock, drained of energy, and getting kind of hungry. She pushed into the boardroom. It was empty.

“Tim?” she quietly called.

“Yes?” came his reply from under the table.

Relief and panic hit her at the same time. She ducked into the room and closed the door behind herself. “Get out of there. You have to go. Now!”

He scooted out from under the table, a cocky grin on his face. “Hey, sexy.” He grabbed her and put his arms around her. “That was fun.”

She tried to look angry for some reason, to punish his naughtiness despite the fact that she had loved it, because it had been so dangerous. But she couldn’t quite wipe the grin from her face. “You ass.”

“You loved it.” he countered, then kissed her. “What took you so long? Meeting broke up a while ago.”

“Uh – I – in the bathroom.” she blushed.

“You ok?”

She opened her mouth to reply, then just laughed.

His eyebrows rose. “What happened?”

“The woman sitting next to me?” She waited for his nod. “I was in the bathroom.” She paused, reluctant to admit the next part, but knowing it would turn Tim on to hear it. “Masturbating.”

Tim’s face split into a wide grin. “Yeah?”

Summer nodded. A nervous flutter flitted around her chest. “She locked me in the bathroom. And fucked me.”

Tim’s face fell into shock. “What?”

Words spilled forth. “She pushed me up against the wall and put her hand on my ass, then her fingers inside me. Then she was kissing me and I kissed her back, I think. And then the next thing I know she’s pushing me back onto the counter.” Summer felt Tim’s cock stirring between them. Her excitement rose. “She just pushed my legs open and got on her knees and started eating me out.”

“Holy shit!” Time gasped. His cock was most definitely hard. So fast! “And you let her?”

Summer bit her lip and nodded.

“That’s so fucking hot.” he breathed. He pulled her closer. “You just let me finger and lick you in front of a room full of people. And then you went to the bathroom and had your first bi experience?”

Summer nodded again. His obvious excitement made her bold. She smiled up at him. “Uh-huh.”

Tim’s breathing sped up. His eyes roamed her face. “Fuck it.” He reached for the door and locked it.

“What are you doing?” Summer protested as he hauled her to the board table.

“Shut up and bend over.” he commanded her. Without waiting for her to obey, he pushed her face-down onto the table.

“Honey, no.” Summer protested, not meaning it, spreading her legs for ‘balance’. “We can’t.” But her body betrayed the lie. She needed his cock. She let him hold her down with one hand while the other fumbled with his belt.

His pants fell to the floor. He pushed her skirt up to her waist, where it seemed to belong, and entered her. “Yeees!” he groaned. He got balls-deep on the first thrust. “Whoa!” he exclaimed.

Summer looked over her shoulder. “She kind of…stretched me out.”

“Wha_?” he looked confused.

“First she put one finger in me. Then two. Then, her whole hand inside me.”

“Fuuuuck.” Tim started pumping her with his cock.

Summer pushed off the table, pushing herself back onto the wonderful member. “She fucked me with her whole hand.” she teased her boyfriend, knowing how much it was turning him on. “I was being fucked by another girl.”

“Shit, honey! That’s wild!” Tim groaned.

“Her lips were so soft.” Summer panted, loving being rammed up against the table. She felt yet another orgasm building up and it was heavenly. Cock. Tim’s cock. It was just what she needed. Only she wanted more. She wanted it harder, faster. She had to make him more excited. “She was so aggressive, grabbing my ass, eating my pussy. I felt her tongue inside me, like yours earlier.”

“Too fucking hot!” Tim sped up, driving deep inside, hammering away at her. “You’re gonna make me cum.”

That’s exactly what Summer wanted. “I let her. I let her eat me.” The memories flashed in her mind. Summer’s orgasm twisted into a knot in her lower belly. She was getting close. “I let her taste my pussy. And then I let her fist me. And I came…”

“Ahhh!” Tim fucked her like life depended on. He came, erupting inside her and crushing her into the table.

Summer felt him cum and it triggered her own spectacular eruption. She savored it, wishing she still had the strength to grip his shaft with her inner muscles. She felt him slow down.

Pushing him away, she slid to the floor on her knees. She slipped his wet penis into her mouth.

He trembled and moaned as she worked him. His breathing slowly returned to normal.

Summer looked up into his eyes. A naughty thought occurred. Well, she’d come this far, why not do it again? Without breaking eye contact, she stood, then backed up into the table. She lay back. She raised her legs and spread them, exposing herself.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I need it again.”


“Your cock.” She idly touched her well used pussy. It was sore, but what the hell. This was too fun to pass up for so little a reason. “Fuck me again.”

“Summer…” He ran his hand through his hair, eyes glued to her hole.

“Hurry.” she moaned. She rubbed light circles around her clit. She knew it was asking a lot of him to get hard again so fast though, so she took pity. She leaned her head to the side. Looking at him, she licked her lips. “Come here.”

He walked up to her and gazed down in adoration as she took him back in her mouth. In only a few minutes of gentle suckling and tonguing and cradling of his balls, then he was hard again. “Oh, I wanna fuck you again.” he growled.

But Summer kind of liked him in her mouth. She held him there, teasing him, driving him wild.

He gritted his teeth, close to cumming. “Summer, fuck, give me your pussy. Now!” He pulled out.

“Mmm. I want to. But I’m sore.”


Without thinking, Summer dipped two fingers into her wet hole, wincing. She wanted him to get off in her. She wanted to make him as deliriously happy as she was right now. She lubricated her anus. “Fuck my ass.”

“Wha-?” Tim looked shocked. They’d rarely attempted that.

Summer stretched her own back door out with two fingers. She felt a thrill as she watched what doing that did to Tim’s face. “Cum in my ass.”

“Oh, Summer!” He rushed between her legs.

She spread wide, welcoming him. She felt the head of his cock press into her dark star. She pushed outwards with her o-ring, inviting him inside. The head popped in.

“Oh, fuck!” Tim gasped. “You’re too tight. I’m too close for this.” He froze.

Summer smiled and pushed herself against him, driving him deeper. She worked her hips. “You’re in my ass. I’m fucking your cock with my ass.”

He panicked. “No! Stop! It’s too fast!” he begged.

She moved faster, ignoring the pain, loving how it felt to have him inside her. She needed to make him cum. “Do it. Cum in my ass!”

“Ah!” He burst, shooting hot semen into her. He looked down at her with a face wracked by pleasure. Pleasure she gave him.

Summer glowed with happiness at having pleased him like this. She hooked her heels around him and pulled him even deeper into her back door.

He groaned and shivered, super sensitive.

Summer worked him, squeezed him with her anus, until he couldn’t take it any more and forcibly pushed himself away.

He stood there, chest heaving, pure rapture on his face. “You’re amazing. Holy fuck, you’re so naughty.”

“I am. And you like it.”

“I love it. And you.”

Laying on the table, cum pouring out of both holes, Summer wondered what Felicity would do if Summer texted the other woman and asked her to come eat her out again. After all, Summer didn’t want to go back to the office all messy. She smiled to herself. She could make Tim watch. Maybe make him hard again. This time make her cum in her mouth. She laughed.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, looking spent.

“Nothing. Just thinking.” Summer hugged her breasts, happy. She was going to have to invite Tim to the office more often.

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