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It’s Halloween and something mysterious is happening at the city zoo. Genetically re-engineered dinosaurs are acting very agitated. Before Harry and the others can fully investigate the cause, whatever is behind the strange behaviour starts affecting staff too – by giving them uncontrollable lust! What will happily married Harry do when tainted with the mystery aphrodisiac and confronted with an orgy? Worse yet, hot young Jenny, the girl he has a secret crush on, is affected too – and she’s coming for him!

Meanwhile, four sexy girls head out on the town, dolled up in costumes, ready for some Halloween adventure. After a party in the park they head to a club for some very naughty, sweaty fun. Then, to cap the night off, they head to the all-night zoo festival. Little do they know, the animals and zookeepers are all being affected by a mysterious aphrodisiac. What will happen to these girls when they innocently happen into the middle of it?

Genre: Halloween, cosplay (costume), menage, group, anal, bukkake (facial), sex in public

Approx 25,000 words

NOTE: Formerly called Costumed Temptations.


Passing by a closet, he saw the door was open. Looking in, he found a young woman in office attire bent over a copy machine, with one of the maintenance staff happily reaming her from behind. Harry was pretty sure that the copy machine wasn’t going to survive. He snapped another couple of pictures. The maintenance guy noticed and threw up one arm in a muscle pose. Harry moved on.

Whatever was affecting everyone else, was affecting him too. His head spun and his heart thudded heavily. He felt raw energy coursing through his veins. And he’d had a hard-on for an hour. His breathing was a little course as he stumbled along trying to fight the strange feelings. Trying to fight the urge to fuck everything in sight. He had a loving, wonderful wife at home. Beautiful. With long, lark hair. After two kids, her breasts hard grown larger, softer. Her ass though, had remained almost as tight as when they’d met. Oh god, how he loved to grab that ass and fuck the shi-


Harry paused and put his head in his hands. He needed to regain control of himself. He looked up. He had to get out of here. If he was going to be affected like this, the only safe place was at home. With his wife. Where he could bang the fuck out of that woman non-stop for the next 20 years because of all the damn pent up sexual fucking angst in his fucking rock hard cock right now!

“Aarrrgh!” Harry cried out, losing the fight. He staggered down the hall.

The hall cornered and Harry found himself in the staff cafeteria again. He almost fell to his knees in weakness, part joy and part despair, because how could he possibly avoid this? It was an orgy. Half the staff of the zoo were naked and in every position imaginable on the tables and the floors and the counters. Paul had his face buried in Mildred, the head of accounting’s pussy.  Wyn fucked a girl on the service counter. Three guys had placed a girl on a table and filled all three holes.

Harry convinced himself that he needed more evidence of this bizarre event. There was going to be a fiasco of epic proportions after this. Media scandal, legal battles, all kinds of broken bonds amongst the staff. He needed more pictures. The camera phone snapped away. It didn’t occur to him that he simply had a camera fetish.

“H-H-Harry?” a soft, pretty voice called.

Harry turned his head and saw Jenny, the cute, young front desk girl coming towards him from another entrance to the room. She looked flushed, her hair was a mess. Her body sweater was torn open, one heavy, perfect breast hung free of her bra.

Oh, fuck, she has nice nipples.

Jenny’s body sweater rode high on her hips. Her white, lacy panties were halfway down her ass and there was a big wet spot between her legs. Harry groaned. The camera went off in his hand, startling him. His hand was twitching. He’d taken her picture without even meaning to. She didn’t seem to mind.

“Harry? What’s going on?” she asked. Her voice was strained. She looked… hungry.

“Jenny. Ju-just stop right there. OK?” Harry put his hands up and backed away. “Please. Don’t come any closer.”

“Harry, something crazy is going on. Everyone is fucking!” Jenny’s hand went to her crotch without her seemingly aware of it. Harry watched her rub back and forth between her legs as she walked and wished her hand was his face and his cock and his own hand. All at the same time.

“Jenny, please.” he begged.

Her face looked twice as beautiful in sexual anguish. “It’s happening to me too. I’m sooooo horny. It feels like there’s a huge fire inside me, eating away at me and I need release. But I can’t find it. No matter how much I play with myself…” She continued to advance and Harry could feel his desire starting to overwhelm his panic and good sense. “I’ve played with myself six times, Harry. Six. Come feel how wet I am.”

“Jenny, please!” Harry protested weakly.

“I can’t be satisfied. No matter how much I forced Mrs Basset to eat my hot, dripping wet, juicy pussy…”

Harry turned and ran.

He bolted out of the cafeteria. Desperately, he searched for somewhere to go. Somewhere to hide. He ran into the front lobby. Perfect! He could get outside, get to his car, go home. But the way was blocked. Mrs Basset had zookeepers filling her at both ends and effectively barred the exit. And gave the crowd of guests outside something to watch. They had camera phones out too. Mrs Basset seemed to enjoy performing. Harry wondered what Mr Basset was going to think about that.

“Harry! Come back. Help me!” Jenny called, almost upon him.

Harry took off, hardly aware of where he was going. A door. A hallway. Another door. He was in an office. Who’s office? It didn’t matter. An exit. He needed an exit. The window. Out the window. He dashed over and threw open the curtains.

“Harry. There you are.” Jenny entered the office. Harry whirled, his back to the window.

He swallowed hard and tried to bodily back through the window. “Jenny. You have to stop this. I’m married. You know that. We can’t do this.”

“I’ve been fucked by four different guys tonight, but they didn’t satisfy me. I need you, Harry. I know you want me too.” Jenny advanced further, only the desk separating them. “I know you like me. I see it in your eyes when you talk to me. I see it in your pants when I wear a mini skirt to work. You want to fuck me, Harry.”

“Yes! No…” Harry felt his resolve crumbling faster than he believed possible.

Jenny climbed up onto the desk. She peeled off her body sweater, then tore off her bra. Her breasts were perfect. Harry groaned helplessly.

“Jenny… I do like you… No, I mean I want to fuck those titties. No! My wife!” He was failing. His body was under the control of the same mysterious  thing that was controlling Jenny and everyone else. Making them all into wild sex machines!

Jenny’s hands massaged her breasts and hypnotized Harry. They were so big and soft and round and beautiful. He couldn’t look away. His heart pounded in his chest. It was deafening. The only sound that made it through was her voice.

“Fuck, me Harry.” Jenny begged, sliding forward off the desk. A long, slender leg touched the ground in front of Harry. Then another. She turned around, hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and bent over, drawing them down.

Her pussy gleamed before him, centered between perfect ass cheeks, the kind that only a woman in her early twenties could have. Her mound dripped with her juices and the semen of four other guys, but that only made her hotter in his crazed state. He jumped again as the camera in his hand went off, capturing her erotic pose. Did his hand have a mind of its own? And was it genius?

Jenny straightened partially and looked over her shoulder at him. Her lower lip pouted.

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