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Dear readers,

I love being imaginative, and I want to help people enjoy life through their own imagination. I think stories are a wonderful way to bring people together by sharing the inner journeys we experience when we read. And they’re a great first step to learn about life – before going out and living it!

I love books, but it’s so important not to spend our entire lives in other people’s heads. Reading about kinky sex is so much fun, but HAVING kinky sex is even better. So learn the ropes on paper, then go out and find someone to spank in real life.

I’m working hard to make writing a career. They weren’t kidding when they said that starting out we’d really be ‘starving artists’. Hopefully people get something from my work, share it and come back for more in the future. It would be really nice to put more food on the table someday. (lol) And for all you out there living your own dreams and trying to make the world a better place:

You’re Awesome! Even though we haven’t met yet, I believe in you. Let’s all raise a glass to each other’s success and work towards a more positive future. Bubble baths, ice cream, equality and progress for all!

I just want to take a moment to say hi and thank you so very much for buying this story. I hope brings you a laugh, maybe even makes you think, and that you enjoy it. If it makes you feel a little kinky, then go out and find someone you like. Share that feeling with them in the most imaginative and pleasurable ways you can think of.

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialiSEXY day!

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